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Found 5 results

  1. Danny

    Vorkath Guide

    This will be an in-depth guide for Vorkath. Hope you enjoy! Recommended Skills: 80+ Range 70+ Prayer 80+ Attack 80+ Strength 80+ Defence Recommended equipment Honestly just grab out your best range gear whether it's full Karil's or Armadyl This is my personal setup on my ironman account: (upgrade where needed, ie: dragonfire shield/ward , fury/anguish , dragon cbow/dhcb , rangers/pegs , archers ring) Rune are for Crumble Undead Spell , make sure you're on Normal Spellbook Vorkath Knowledge and Attack Styles Vorkath attacks with all 3 styles of combat , Range Mage and Melee and 2 Special Attacks The only attacks you need to worry about are the White/Green/Purple mage attacks and the 2 Special Attacks White mage attack will freeze you and spawn a Zombified Minion in the Southeast or Southwest corner (depending on where you are standing). When Vorkath uses this attack I recommend clicking underneath you, to stop attacking Vorkath, and get ready to use the Crumble Undead Spell on the Zombified Minion Green mage attack may or may not poison you on hit, if poisoned just drink an Antipoison Potion Purple mage attack will disable your prayers , simply enable your prayers Let us talk about the 2 Special Attacks The 1st Special Attack will be the Fireball , Vorkath will spit a huge fireball into the air and you must move at least 2 tiles away from the fireball or else you will take damage. If you are directly on top of the fireball when it hits you will die immediately , if you are 1 tile away from the fireball you will get hit anywhere from 50-60hp The 2nd Special Attack will be Green Poison Pools on the ground , Vorkath will spit poison pools, that will deal around 8 damage per tick, onto the ground around you and spit rapid fireballs at you dealing anywhere from 30-40hp per fireball. This is why you need run energy off, during this phase you are going to find a line of about 5-6 squares that don't have poison pools and just keep walking back and forth within the 5-6 squares Getting to Vorkath Teleport to ::train and run West Southwest until you find Torfinn on the dock , right-click and travel Run North and climb over the Ice ChunksWhen you climb the Ice Chunks Vorkath will be sleeping on the other side The Battle Starts! TURN RUN ENERGY OFF WHEN FIGHTING *Poking Vorkath will wake him and the fight will start* Before you poke Vorkath make sure you drink an Antifire Potion , and Ranging Potion Also, use Protect from Missiles and put on Eagle Eye or Rigour and Preserve prayers Once you are potted up and have prayers on go ahead and poke Vorkath After you poke Vorkath I suggest standing here This spot will make it easier to kill the Zombified Minion and this spot will also help with the acid pools. Return here after poison pools Hope you enjoyed the guide and best of luck getting those rare drops!
  2. Pink Panther's Welfare Vorkath Guide So you want to kill Vorkath but you don't think you can achieve this with the low budget gear you may have. Well no need to fear, Pink Panther is here! I will be showing you how you can kill Vorkath in Welfare gear. (Low budget gear) With that being said always remember that the more efficient that your gear is, the easier that Vorkath will be. Disclaimer: This is a guide to help people who may not have the money or gear that would otherwise make Vorkath much easier. This guide does not guarantee a successful kill EVERY time you go to fight Vorkath. The success rate depends heavily on your response times and RNG. (mostly response times though) Despite all that being said, Vorkath can be successfully killed using this guide. Another piece of advice for killing Vorkath is to keep your Hitpoints above 70 HP at all times! Also remember to sip your Antifire and Ranging potion before initiating the battle! Only drink your Antipoison once you have become poisoned! What gear do i need? You will need the following setup: Vorkath gear setup Archer helm Amulet of Glory Black d'hide body Black d'hide chaps Rune crossbow Ava's accumulator Anti-dragon shield Snakeskin boots Ruby bolts (e) (min 150) Dragon gloves *note that the dragon gloves are the most expensive item, 1m coins to be exact. A little thieving however should net you that in no time at all. What should my inventory look like? Your inventory should look like this: Vorkath inventory setup Two Saradomin brews 4 dose *3 brews if you are 44 prayer. Two Super restores 4 dose *3 restores if you are 44 prayer. One Antifire potion 4 dose One Antipoison 4 dose One Ranging potion 4 dose 18 Sharks (or better) Runes to cast Crumble undead. (2 earth runes, 2 air runes, 1 chaos rune per cast) *To be on the safe side I would bring a minimum of 10 crumble undead casts. (20 Earths and Air Runes, 10 Chaos runes) Yo Pink, what stats do i need to kill Vorkath efficiently? You will need the following stats: Vorkath stats The stats that you need are circled in blue. Mandatory stats: 99 Defence 99 Ranged 99 Hitpoints The listed stats above are crucial and I would not recommend doing until you have them. 44 or higher prayer. If you have 44 prayer, bring 3 brews and 3 restores as stated above. 60 or higher magic I would say at least 60-65 magic for a minimum in case you need to brew down a bit you will still have the magic level required to cast crumble undead if that attack is oncoming. What are Vorkath's attacks? *I have listed below are the attacks that deal substantial damage or can hinder your performance severly. Giant Purple Fireball The easiest attack to counter that Vorkath throws at you is a giant purple fireball. What the purple fireball does is it completely knocks your prayers out. To easily counter this you will want to setup your quick prayers to steel skin, eagle eye and protect from magic so when you do get hit by the purple fireball you can easily click once and have all your prayers back up and running. Vorkath Giant Purple fireball Giant Poison Fireball One other attack that Vorkath has is where he will throw a greenish giant fireball at you which will poison you and if not dealt with in a quick fashion, the poison damage will increase. You will need to sip your antipoison as soon as you see in the chatbox that you have been poisoned. The damage starts at 6 poison damage and increases overtime. Vorkath Poison fireball Slow Skinny Fireball Another attack to keep an eye out for is a skinny slowish fireball. What the skinny slow fireball does is when it hits you it can hit up to 45+ damage. To combat this attack is when you see the slow skinny fireball coming towards you, you will want to run 2-3 spaces away from where its point of impact is. If you are within 1-2 spaces approximately of where it lands it has a chance to hit you up to 22+ damage. Vorkath Skinny fireball view #1 Vorkath Skinny fireball view #2 Vorkath Skinny Fireball Damage (No movement away) Vorkath Skinny Fireball Damage Partial (1-2 spaces moved away) Explosive Zombie Spawn A dangerous attack Vorkath throws at you if you aren't quick enough is where he will freeze you and spawn a little monster. To combat this you will need to cast crumble undead on the little spawn before it gets to you to prevent any damage coming to you. If that spawn makes it to you and explodes you will be hit 60 damage no matter what and sometimes if you cast crumble undead a little late and you stop the spawn a few spaces away from you, you will get hit 22 damage. What you especially want to look for is in your chatbox it will say you have been frozen in which your character will turn to the direction of the oncoming spawn. Response time here is very crucial because there is a little bit of a delay when you cast crumble undead on the spawn. Something i do that helps me greatly is i have my fingers readily available on the F1 and F4 keys. F1 is your inventory shortcut and f4 is your magic spellbook. Be sure to be zoomed out a little bit to increase efficiently and prevent misclicks, also to maximize your response time for this attack it helps to be within the middle ring of the Vorkath arena, offset from Vorkath. Vorkath Little Explosive Spawn #1 Vorkath Spawn Max Damage (No crumble undead spell cast) Vorkath Spawn Partial damage (Crumble undead cast but the spawn still explodes next to you) Green spray followed by Firebombs The most dangerous attack Vorkath will throw at you is where he throws slimy green poison everywhere and then proceeds to bomb you with fire attacks. The poison spray will do no damage but the fireballs following shortly will. This attack is the most important to try and avoid because any mistake will result in you dying instantaneously. To combat this attack as much as you possibly can what you will want to do is walk around Vorkath in the middle ring of the arena. Picture the inner ring of the Vorkath arena as right next to Vorkath, 0-1 spaces away from Vorkath. Picture the middle ring of the Vorkath arena about 3-5 spaces away from Vorkath. Picture the outer ring of the Vorkath arena to be on the very outskirts, you should never have to venture out to the middle ring though. However once Vorkath has thrown the green slimey poison you will want to walk IMMEDIATELY to the middle ring of the arena and keep walking around him following the line. Also note that multiple click walk destinations can result in you being momentarily stopped, enough for you to get comboed out. So be sure to click one time to make your character walk to it's destination, reclicking to a new destination about halfway to the point of you reaching it. So when you click for your character to walk to its destination, you will reclick one time to a new destination when you get about half way to the red marker presented on your minimap. This is showcased below. Vorkath green spray #1 Vorkath green spray #2 Vorkath Firebombs Vorkath Arena Vorkath "inner" Ring Vorkath "middle" Ring Vorkath When to click ^*in this above picture the black line represent your characters destination point and the distance to that destination point. The green line through the middle is right about where you want to single click again to make your character move to a different destination. If you have any questions or feedback (positive or negative) please feel free to leave a comment and I will answer any questions and update any content that would be deemed incorrect or missing. Thank you so much for taking the time to check this guide out and I hope you have a wonderful day! Pink Panther
  3. Huge shoutout to @melpan for helping me out alot with this guide! Colour explanation: Fast Medium Slow Very slow Note; These are the regular experience rates, if you would like to know the hcim rate just divide it by 3 Commander Zilyana XP: 29,800 per kill Completion bonus: 551,300 General Graardor XP: 31,200 per kill Completion bonus: 577,200 K'ril Tsutsaroth XP: 32,500 per kill Completion bonus: 601,250 Kree'Arra XP: 29,000 per kill Completion bonus: 536,500 Dagganoth XP: 15,150 per kill Completion bonus: 265,125 Kalphite Queen XP: 13,750 per Kill Completion bonus: 254,375 Corporeal Beast XP: 39,250 per kill Completion bonus: 726,125 Cerberus XP: 15,900 per kill Completion bonus: 294,150 King Black Dragon @ryanheinz XP: 13,800 per kill Completion bonus: 255,300 Gorilla XP: 8,150 per kill Completion bonus: 150,775 Barrelchest XP: 9,500 per kill Completion bonus: 175,750 Giant Mole XP: 11,500 per kill Completion bonus: 212,750 Zulrah XP: 36,250 per kill Completion bonus: 670,625 Thermonuclear Smoke Devil XP: 15,015 per kill Completion bonus: 278,425 Skotizo XP: 16,050 per kill Completion bonus: 296,925 Lizardmen Shaman XP: 7,500 per kill Completion bonus: 138,750 Scorpia XP: 11,250 per kill Completion bonus: 208,125 Kraken XP: 14,550 per kill Completion bonus: 269,175 Chaos Fanatic XP: 10,100 per kill Completion bonus: 186,850 Abyssal Monarch XP: 7,750 per kill Completion bonus: 143,375 Chaos Elemental XP: 15,250 per kill Completion bonus: 282,125 The Inadequacy XP: 17,150 per kill Completion bonus: 317,275 Venenatis XP: 23,200 per kill Completion bonus: 429,200 Callisto XP: 23,500 per kill Completion bonus: 434,750 Wild Krab XP: 33,300 per kill Completion bonus: 616,050 Vet'ion XP: 22,700 per kill Completion bonus: 419,950
  4. Pink Panther

    The Inadequacy best gear guide

    The Inadequacy best gear guide BEWARE!!! THIS BOSS IS IN THE WILD!!! !!ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!! The Inadequacy (level 343) Location: Level 27-29 Wilderness *Only use melee to attack/kill* *Use protect from magic and piety prayers!!* *immune to ranged/magic attacks* Minimum stats required: Attack: 90 Strength: 90 Defence: 90 Hitpoints: 90 Prayer: 70 *For protect against magic and piety* Preferred stats for best results: Attack: 99 Strength: 99 Defence: 99 Hitpoints: 99 Prayer: 99 *For protect against magic and piety* Recommended gear: *Armour and Weapons* Helmet: Slayer helm (i) *only for if task* Helm of Neitiznot Amulet: Amulet of Torture Amulet of Fury Chest: Karil's Leathertop Legs: Karil's Leatherskirt Feet: Primordial Boots Dragon Boots Hands: Barrows Gloves Off-hand: Elysian Spirit Shield Dragonfire Shield Cape: Fire cape Ranging cape Main weapon: Abyssal tentacle Dragon warhammer *spec weapon* Ring: *optional on personal preference* Berserker Ring (i) Ring of Wealth (i) Recommended gear: *Food and potions* 1 super combat potion 3 super restores and/or prayer potions At least 24 Sharks or better! How to get to The Inadequacy Method #1: Click the "PvM Teleport" Click "Next Page" until you reach the forth page, then click on "Crazy Archaeologist" Once you arrive at Crazy Archaeologist run north-west in between Wilderness levels 27-29 Method #2: Use an Amulet of glory and click teleport to The Inadequacy I hope you enjoy this guide! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask away! This guide is still being worked on so expect new updates to be made! Thank you Jonnyt and Skill Joy for helping out with this guide! ~Pink Panther~ ~Pink Panther~
  5. thieving

    Max Cape Variants

    Hello everyone and welcome to my first guide on Draynor! This guide will show you the different variants that are available with the max cape! Players can use the max cape on certain BIS cape items, which will change the stats of the max cape to the item being combined with. Doing this will require having a Max Cape AND Hood in the inventory. Doing so, the max cape will loose its perks making it almost only a cosmetic enhancement of the original. There are currently 5 variants of the Max cape available in Draynor. - Fire cape, Witch creates a Fire Max cape - Ava's Accumulator, Witch creates Ava's Max cape - Saradomin cape, Witch creates a Saradomin Max cape - Zamorak cape, Witch creates a Zamorak Max cape - Gurhix cape, Witch creates a Guthix Max cape *- Ardougne Cloak 4, Witch creates an Ardy Max cape *Ardougne Cloak 4 is not available in draynor as this guide is made* This was a short and sweet guide to show the different Max cape and colors available to us, hope you enjoyed!

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