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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Tech

    Ongoing Suggestions

    Sunday, January 7, 2018 + Let "Space bar" or "Enter key" skip dialogue. ... Quality of life. Not necessary, although it would be very nice to have this. + Enable returning to the abyss through the runecrafting portals. ... Instead of teleporting back home, back to the abyss, and then the altar you meant to teleport to the first time, the portals at the runecrafting altars could return the player to the abyss. Currently, they do not function. Friday, December 29, 2017 + Have the double experience weekend also include double slayer points and double vote points. <s1> ... With foresight, I cannot see this as anything but a benefit to the server and its players. Keep in mind, even if Fridays are included, this change will only be in effect for 36/365 days of the year. + Nerf the rate / strength or both, of the random bot-check npcs. ... After enough time spent playing, having to gather my own resources, I know that I have to bring a weapon if I want to be efficient. One could say, just throw on protection prayers and use the rune axe you're woodcutting with, but my argument is that this should not be the baseline requirement. Protection prayers are a requirement for fighting them, as one cannot access the bank while under attack. My general thought is that they are too strong, when looking at the service they provide versus player base benefit. (If you want to go a different way with it, players could receive a random tome of experience upon every completed kill; therefore, a 100% drop rate of skill tomes.) + TRIVIA: Question (quotation marks included): "Cor blimey mate, what are ye doing in me pockets?" Answer: " Master Farmer ". Question (quotation marks included): "Burn with me!" Answer: " Great Olm ". Question: " Crowned three times; the king of its kind. " Answer: " King Black Dragon ". <s1> Credit also goes to Bunaha1.

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