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  1. Aeon

    Aeon's shop ∫ 15 items for sale

    Updated with 5 new items. I will be absent from in-game for the next 11 days, but if there's anything you'd like to buy post here and I will remove the item(s) from my POS when I get back.
  2. Aeon

    Jane Doe's Road to Twisted Bow 🤣😫🔫

    Finally, I was just waiting for this thread to happen. Looking forward to see how many more items you'll get from raids, and we all know you're Draynor's #1 raider so I have high expectations! And I hope you'll be able to do raids with a tbow on your main account soon. Best case scenario you get a Twisted bow drop tomorrow, would you carry on with raids, or move on to something else?
  3. July 12th update Aaaaaaalright everyone, time for another and long overdue update! It's been 10 days since the last update and so much has happened since then! So my initial plan after claiming the Completionist cape was to focus on my item goals, bossing, and raids. So there I was, killing cave Krakens making some easy money from the countless (not) drops, enjoying not having to worry about exp and focusing like I'd done for the past few weeks. BUT THEN THIS HAPPENED: Roughly 20 HOURS of double exp was dumped on me out of the blue and even though I tried to think of alternative courses of action I knew what it meant - back to skilling. I didn't really make any great and elaborate plan for the process, I just started grinding out skills one at a time, working my way closer and closer to the 200m mark. So for the past 10 days or so I've been skilling my heart out trying to get as much done as possible even after the 20 hours of DXP ended. Here's what I've managed since last : Achieved 200m Agility exp Achieved 200m Cooking exp Achieved 200m Farming exp Achieved 200m Runecrafting exp Achieved 200m Crafting exp Achieved 200m Fletching exp Achieved 200m Herblore exp Achieved 200m Firemaking exp Achieved 200m Thieving exp Achieved 200m Magic exp Achieved 200m Smithing exp That currently leaves me with one skill, Slayer, left to do until I can tick 4,400,000,000 total exp off my goals list. At the moment I'm sitting at 100m exp, so it shouldn't take too long or be too bad to finish that one off. I'll be doing various bosses to hopefully get some of the items I'm missing in the process. While doing Slayer (yesterday, actually) I also managed to get this little gem which I'm pretty happy about: And if people tell you that Agility doesn't make you any money, don't listen to them! As of writing this post I'm about an hour away from going on vacation until the 23 of july, so the next long while I won't be present in-game at all, and my forum activity will depend on the general condition of the Italian wifi. Before ending this post I'd like to thank @Hagrid for supplying me with various skilling materials that I (desperately) needed for some of my skills, and for doing a lot of co-op Slayer with me yesterday, you're a real champ. I'd also like to thank @Sossu for his everlasting support, good mood and for supplying me with skilling supplies to make sure no exp was wasted. And finally a thank you goes out to @Cjtigger for lending me his Tbow for a week - I've absolutely fallen in love with that weapon and it's at the top of my to-do list for when I finish Slayer! Until next time, take care everyone!
  4. Aeon

    Evil chicken

    That is honestly hilarious, look at those eyes. I'm not sure it's something I would classify as being dope, but interesting nonetheless haha.
  5. Aeon

    Evil chicken

    This is something I wouldn't mind but isn't too engaged in either. Random events, however rewarding they may be, are primarily there to keep people on their toes and make sure they're paying attention to the game. I've noticed how many random events you've been getting lately, though, so I can understand why you would want something for your trouble.
  6. Aeon

    Unholy Suggestions

    As Jordan pointed out, I think the trimmed Completionist cape should take priority over 200m capes - but I would absolutely love to see them added. Currently there is little to no incentive to go for 200m exp in a skill when you've reached P5 unless your goal is 4.4b exp which in most cases is too much for most people. 200m capes, while only being cosmetic, would be a way to distinguish yourself and have something to show for all the time you put into achieving 200m exp in a skill. As for their look I don't think a black trim would suffice, if that's the option that is available I think the server would be better off without them. However, if a version (modified or not) of the Master capes from RS exists I think they would really add something unique and spectacular to Draynor.
  7. Aeon

    QOL Updates

    My only concern is that all of these items are tradeable. We currently have an abundance of tradeable items that speed up and/or boost exp gained when training various skills, and this would only add to that. I would much rather see these added as rewards added to the achievement shop or as rewards claimable after completing x amounts of challenges, giving people who achieve something special a reward that'll help them in skilling as well as being something they can showcase. All in all I am all for adding these effects, though, with some slight modifications.
  8. Aeon


    Are you able to come online tomorrow? I have plenty of slayer points and could sell you one. Add me in-game and we'll work something out.
  9. Aeon

    Beginners guide to Raids

    Another great piece of work Jane, really nice job! Personally I'll be using this a lot when I start being serious about raids, it's always nice to have the expert help of someone who's achieved the "little" feat of 500 raids and a Twisted bow when trying to maximise your raid output. Something I was wondering if you could add is the drop rates of various raid items when you draw an item roll, what items are included in the totem, and then your personal notes on soloing/duoing/trioing raids.
  10. Aeon


    Wow, that's 5625 kills less than I thought it'd take you! Congrats on the little dragon pupper, I bet you two will become real close.
  11. Aeon

    Mage Arena II

    Really nice guide Jane, great job! I have a question though, after you've been given the enchanted symbol and is searching for the wizards, do you have to manually click it in every location or will they spawn automatically when you're standing where you're supposed to? Once again really good job, looking forward to seeing what else you'll produce.
  12. Aeon

    My little achievement

    If a twisted bow and 500 raids is something you consider a “small” achievement, then I can’t wait to see what you’ll post for major achievements. Good job on these two feats mate, now all you need is a tbow on Jane.
  13. Aeon

    Salve Amulet (ei)

    Support, especially seeing as melee was made less effective against Vorkath and range still seems to cause trouble for a lot of players. Perhaps we could even find more uses for the amulet other than Vorkath?
  14. Aeon

    New trivia questions

    Really surprised to see that they're already live! Thanks, looking forward to seeing them all in-game.
  15. Aeon

    Runes and Rune Boxes from Ckeys

    If you have to craft death and blood runes for higher levelled spells anyway there's a good chance you'll reach level 99 Runecrafting relatively quickly. At level 99 you'll get a huge amount of elemental runes per essence, meaning you'd only have to spend a very limited amount of time crafting elemental runes for the combat spells.

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