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  1. Aeon

    Selling a couple of items

    Updated with a few more items. Still selling.
  2. Aeon

    A few Suggestions.

    Placeholders are something that Krabs wants to add but can’t guarantee at this moment. See this thread for more info. As for the coal bag, I like it, would be a nice addition especially for those mining their own ores for smithing. If you refer to the thread I linked, it says that the looting bag is also on the drawing board, so I would assume that the coal bag could be added at the same time as they’re relatively similar in nature.
  3. Aeon

    Hello everyone!

    Already cracking dad jokes, if this guy stays he’s here for good. Ot: Welcome to Draynor Alec, I’m sure you’ll like it here. See you around, and take care.
  4. Aeon

    Heya there everyone! ^^

    Hey Systemic, welcome to Draynor. Super cool to hear that you've got some goals, ambition is the key to success! I'm looking forward to follow your progress. If you like forums I think you should consider starting a thread where you can update everyone (and keep some nice documentation for yourself) on your adventures, I really like those kind of threads. See you around!
  5. Aeon

    Forum Event!

    Much obliged, you’re a true gentleman. And thank you! I think it’s worked really well and has been a nice addition to the forum.
  6. Thanks for the kind words guys! I'm doing what I can.
  7. Aeon

    Cool kids RECRUITING

    IGN: Aeon Are you cool?: I'm as cool as this clan, so I'd say so Anyone vouch for you? If you call my friend Mike from 4th grade I think he'll testify pretty hard to the fact that I'm a rad dude
  8. June 24th update Double exp weekend is almost over and I'm pretty happy with what I managed to squeeze out of it. I've mainly been grinding out single skills even though I had a plan of levelling all skills to prestige 5 before starting the whole 200m thing, but some skills you just want over with in a hurry so that's what I did. Before double exp weekend started, on thursday, I did quuuuuite a bit of pvm and I managed to cross the two bandos items off my list after not so many kills and a lot of drops, win-win. After that I went to demonic gorillas but my luck there so far has been limited. Anyway here are the most noteworthy things that have happened since the 20th! Advanced from prestige 1 to 5 in Cooking Advanced from prestige 3 to 5 in Mining Achieved 200m Strength exp Achieved 200m Defence exp Achieved 200m Prayer exp Achieved 200m Hunter exp Updated all "in progress" stats in the main post Drops since last update: The remaining time of the double exp weekend will be spent either mining or farming, whichever I convince myself is more exciting. And then on monday the hunt for a zenyte shard continues at demonic gorillas after which I'll be running Cerberus into the ground until he gives me the 3 stones I need for the imbued boots versions.
  9. Aeon

    Herblore Boost

    While I can get where you're coming from, being a HCIM, I personally don't think it's that big of a problem. When the skills aren't linked exp-wise it either requires you to do more training yourself, or find other ways of getting the herbs/items you need through for example pvm. For non-iron accounts it also creates a market where people who're willing to supply those herbs or whatever item it is are able to profit nicely off it.
  10. Aeon

    Selling a couple of items

    Hey everyone I'm selling the follow items: 2 x Bandos chestplate 900 x Lava dragon bones 50,000 x Zulrah's scales 1 x Serpentine helmet 1 x Tanzanite mutagen 1 x Uncharged trident 1 x Trident of the swamp 1 x Smouldering stone 1x Heavy ballista I'll be taking offers on all items either here or in-game. Thanks.
  11. Aeon

    New trivia questions

    Based on this I turned the FAQ page into trivia questions. Some of the questions in there weren't possible to rewrite to questions, but I think the list below will suffice. Q: Which city teleport is closest to the fishing guild? A: Ardougne Q: Where can you buy elemental shields? A: General store Q: How many steps are clue scrolls? A: 1/one Q: Where is the vote store? A: Home bank Q: How many pest control points do Brawlers give when killed? A: 5 Q: What is pos an abbreviation for? A: Player owned shop Q: Where can I exchange mysterious emblems for points? A: ::edge Q: Where is the chest for crystal and gold keys located? A: Home bank Q: Which payment method can I donate with? A: Paypal Q: What is the wilderness barrows brothers drop rate? A: 1/20 Q: Where are Abyssal spawns located? A: Abyssal nexus Q: How much slower is Hardcore mode compared to normal? A: 3x Q: Do you lose stats, prestiges, or prestige points when switching from hardcore to normal mode? A: No Q: Which donator status comes with a personal banker? A: Legendary Q: How do I see the drop table? A: ::drops Q: Where can I find the price guide? A: ::thread 710 Q: Which command is used to change your password? A: ::changepassword Q: Which item is used to charge the toxic blowpipe? A: Zulrah's scales Q: How many prestige points do hardcore accounts get for prestiging? A: 3 Q: How many slayer points does the task reset scroll cost? A: 1250 Q: How much do cooking gauntlets boost cooking exp by? A: 25% Q: What do you get from donating items to the Well of goodwill? A: dxp/double exp/double experience Q: How much does the Completionist cape boost drop rates by? A: 10% Q: Which ring acts as an infinite ring of recoil? A: Ring of suffering Q: Which donator status unlocks a command to recharge prayer? A: Extreme Q: Where can I find all slayer creature locations? A: ::thread 724 Q: How many Lava dragons are found in the donator zone? A: 4 Q: Where can you recharge amulets of glory? A: Fountain of rune Q: Which store sells the dwarven multicannon? A: Vote
  12. Aeon

    Trimmed Completionist Cape (V2)

    I already posted a list of suggested requirements about halfway down the original post, I'll post it again. Prestige 5 and 200m exp in all skills All achievements completed 250/500 kills of every monster in the Boss Kill Log Unlock all prayers Obtain all skilling pets Obtain 10 boss pets Imbue all 3 god capes Purchase an unsired from James in the Abyssal Nexus Exchange tokkul for an uncut onyx in the TzHaar caves Obtain the KBD head, KQ head, Abyssal demon head, Vorkath head, and Dark claw as a drop Attach any sigil to a blessed spirit shield Obtain a drop from the Chambers of Xeric
  13. Aeon

    Trimmed Completionist Cape (V2)

    Do you have any suggestions for requirements? And yes, definitely, the requirements would be retroactive if possible.
  14. Aeon

    What's going on?

    Just a bunch of pro pkers fighting it out. #(s)killing #RoT #fightme #kill2live #live2kill #crazypker #adrenalinejunkie
  15. Aeon

    Server Updates 6/1/18 - 6/31/18

    Wow, I can't believe you added the raid healing and death timer already. Really nice! Will the effect of the bonecrusher stack with dragonbone necklace, or does one take priority over the other?

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