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  1. So the release of the caves has gotten me way more into playing the game, and ive found myself actually looking for time to play inbetween work and college. Its a great addition to the server, I have one suggestion to possibly make things better. In order to try to grind for the bracelet im having to compete with players because only one npc in the cave drops it, when you have people that have more time to play and literally sit camping the one dragon in the cave for hours at a time no one else can get the oppurtunity to really kill one. I suggest adding a few more dragons or even adding it to the next highest level rev. that way one person with a bracelet and million restores cant take away the chance for other players.
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    Iron Cody's Staff Application

    Thanks to everyone for the support I appreciate it I will do my best to make everyone happy
  3. Iron Cody

    Client Issue?

    yeah everything else worked perfectly fine, it was really weird
  4. Iron Cody

    Client Issue?

    iit worked after a while guys but I was just at home not really anything special
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    Client Issue?

    I tried logging in today on my iron man, as soon as i log in I get a black screen then it loads looking lke the following. I can log in on other accounts just not this one https://gyazo.com/f08224f368d1469f08f9b38ebc66946a
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    Iron Cody's Staff Application

    I can definitely do that
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    Iron Cody's Staff Application

    Appreciate it brother
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    Iron Cody's Staff Application

    Username: Iron Cody Time Zone: Central (Texas Boi) How Active Talking In the Discord Channel: I have not yet gone in there actively because I hardly ever see anyone in there, however I can change that very easily Realistic Expectation For Playtime: Every weekday I normally play up to 8 hours a day, with most of that being at night, also I am usually on during peak time I would consider myself one of the most active. Weekends I still play usually the same amount of time just more often later at night for me as I am busy in the afternoons. Possibility of Irregular Playtime: Normally my schedule stays about the same only thing to inhibit my time playing is college finals and some holidays. What Makes Me Stand Out From the Crowd: I am a naturally friendly person that enjoys helping any and everyone out and always trying to communicate with the clan chat when I am on and active. I also have a good amount of game knowledge as I have a comped Ironman as well as a Hardcore Ironman I have started progressing on How I Contribute to Help the Server Grow: To help the server I do my very best to make sure I remember to vote as much as possible, and I also stay active in-game for long periods of time with the full intention to give advice to any player asking for it, and talking to new people that I see to tell them helpful hints and give them any information I can for the server. Can We Depend On You to Be Active Daily and Contributing to Draynor's Growth As Well As Supporting It's Players: As I have previously stated in this post I will do whatever I can to be active and helping support in anyway I can Can We Depend On You to Be Just As Active and Helpful Down the Road Just as You Were When You Are Promoted: The whole reason I am applying to be staff is because I am active on the game and I genuinely think it is the best server I have ever been a part of. I have been a member of the community for coming up on 2 years now, and I believe I would make a great addition to the staff team. Any Extra Information: I have exciting plans to start a new account with interesting restrictions on it with more information to be announced at a later date . I have over 900 hours of total playtime on my Completionist Ironman just a weird flex. In all seriousness though I truly appreciate everyone that has taken the time out of their day to read this and if you ever need anything shoot me a pm Thanks guys <3, Cody
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    Dessourt Guide

    great guide as usual cloud, I enjoyed getting a chance to help out
  10. This post is to show off my account (Iron btw) that I have finally achieved completionist on. As well as to share what i plan on doing with the account post comp That fashionscape tho Now to show off the beauty of a bank: (I know its messy no placeholders and I cant be asked to keep it in order) I have gone 300 dry of any drops at Cerberus don't make fun of my ugly boots Now the plans for the account: As of right now I am currently ranked 15 on the ironman high scores and I hope by the end of this weekend to move up the ranks and at least get to top 10. Of course my main goal is top 5 but there is a lot of work to be done before that is even anywhere close. Non highscores wise I would like to just continue to work on the account, get drops I still need complete challenging things such as the inferno, and also obtain my first raids drop. The total of completing the account probably took somewhere around 500 hours, with nearly 300 most likely bank standing, I never did things the most efficient ways, this is a runescape private server after all and my main goal is to just enjoy it and have fun. Thanks for reading my post I look forward to keeping you guys updated and progressing the account even further.
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    Possible YouTube Series Need Suggestions

    Ill get started tomorrow then thanks for the feedback
  12. Hey guys I've been in the community for awhile and I want to start up a YouTube series to share my progress and also help the community grow. I have some ideas but I need some suggestions on what I should start up. I have a maxed Iron with a lot of progress that I'm working for comp on (pictures posted below) I could do a series on that or I had the idea of starting a HCIM from scratch and building towards max and other goals on there. I could do a combination of both but I would like suggestions on what the community would like to see. If you have any suggestions leave them on a reply it would be greatly appreciated :) Iron Progress:

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