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  1. Sleds

    Draynor Price Guide

    PRICE UPDATES; 2/01/2019 Item name: Kodai Wand Old price: 500-550m New price: 350-500m Item name: Dinh's Bulwark Old price: 100-150m New price: 50-100m Item name: Bandos Chestplate Old price: 225-250m New price: 250-300m Item name: Bandos Tassets Old price: 250-275m New price: 275-325m Item name: Armadyl Chainskirt & Armadyl Chestplate Old price: 300-350m New price: 350-400m Item name: Amulet of torture, Necklace of Anguish & Ring of Suffering Old price: 95m (suffering was 70-80m) New price: All 120-140m Item name: Tormented Bracelet Old price: 100-110m New price: 140-160m Item name: Zenyte Shard Old price: 80m New price: 110-120m
  2. Sleds

    Draynor Price Guide

    And a bond for 21 which goes for 250m-300m, the hammer is just over half the cost in points so makes sense to be around we'll say 100-150m if flat 150m sounds too much? if you see where im coming from
  3. Sleds

    possible updates?

    Great suggestions! look like some fun content for the game, just a heads up that we currently have avernic defender and gharzi rapier but would love to see the rest of the raids 2 items implemented.
  4. Sleds

    Minion drop at arma :O

    Got from kilista after kc 208 at kree i think?
  5. Sleds

    Song Of The Day

  6. Sleds

    Draynor Price Guide

    Yo price guide could use an update so I've come up with a list of prices that I think are suitable and would like your feedback on it :^) (I'm only mentioning prices that I think need a change not everything on the guide) Kodai 350-500m dihn's bulwark 50-100m 3a weaponry 100-150m Bandos tassets and BCP 250-300m Armadyl chestplate and chainlegs 350-400m Kandarin headgear 4 and western banner 4 50m ish (since the new wildy boss update) Arcane Spirit shield 550-700m (high demand, low amount item) Zenyte jewelry with exception of torm brace 130-150m (torm brace maybe 140-160m? just for the effort you have to go through to get it) Torn prayer scroll isn't on list and I see it go for 25-50m tops Golden hammer 150m ( its 150m if you buy in votes and around the same in prestige points so why should it be way less) Zenyte shard 120m-140m Arcane sigil 300-350m Elysian sigil 550-600m (it sells for 850m tops as a full shield so sigil shouldn't be 850m) Please leave feedback on anything I've missed out or prices you don't agree with Cheers
  7. Sleds

    Sleds ReReApplication

    Username: Sleds Time zone: GMT +13 How active are you talking on our Discord channels (doesn't have to be voice chat)? I use discord everyday. If I'm online, I'm on discord Realistically, how many hours a day can we expect you to play on the weekdays, and the weekends? Between 3-8 each day (really varies depending on if I have work that day ETC) Are there any reasons why you might not be able to reach normal playtime, and how often would that occur? Maybe the occasional saturday if I'm going out that night straight from work but doesn't happen often What have you done as a player to really stand out from the crowd? Just a straight forward guy, you wont see any fake or 2 faced actions from me, also weird flex I know but I'm comped :^) How are you supporting the growth of Draynor on a daily basis? Vote everyday, check forums and discord very frequently to make sure everything's all breezy. Always helping newer players when it comes to knowledge or items and just letting them know general things to make their ingame life easier like ::threads, ::drops ETC. I also notice there's a few periods where staff aren't able to be on and my timezone is perfect for helping out with a currently USA based team Can we depend on you to be active daily and contributing to Draynor's growth as well as supporting its players? I'd say so yeah, as I stated before I vote everyday and will be online everyday Can we depend on you to be just as active and helpful down the road just as you were when you are promoted? Yeah of course and I'm hoping my previous period of being a staff member proved that Is there anything else you would like to tell us when considering your application? I do have a quite a satire sense of humor I'd say and I hope this doesn't lead to people thinking I'm immature, I will be very serious if I need to be but I also like to keep a nice light atmosphere ya feel? anyway cheers for taking the time to read my application and feedback is appreciated weather it's positive or negative. :^) Much love -Sleds
  8. Sleds

    ??? bandos nani

    oi but then just lol wtf
  9. Sleds

    Client Issue?

    @Mr Krabs @Cjtigger looks like he's nulled? @Iron Cody what location were you at on that account
  10. Sleds

    Last Teleport Option

    yeah i didnt understand either
  11. Sleds

    Buying pvm gear

    Buying high tier pvm gear (preferably mage like elder wand, arcane ss, eternals etc) paying cash for all :^)
  12. Sleds


    Howcome ya leaving
  13. Sleds

    QQ for Helper? =D

    Sorry to criticize but it seems like you didn't put much effort into your answers, would be good to see a bit more there written wise but you're a very helpful and active player from what I've seen ingame even though I'm not on that much haha. Also try to be more active on the forums. Best of luck :^) (I hope this isn't taken badly as it wasn't intended to be)
  14. Sleds

    Competition Time!

    Does @Sixty not win already?

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