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  1. Sleds

    Twisted Bow Effective Places

    is this up to date regarding updates like gwd2 and karuulm dungeon etc
  2. Sleds

    Rev Caves and Brace of Etherum

    Ehm does this look like deadman mode to u?
  3. Sleds

    Platinum Resource

    10k per item like real talk most of the plat players are balling so it shouldn’t hurt em
  4. Sleds

    Iron Dawg's Drop Log

    Umm are you really not gonna give horizon credit for the template..
  5. Sleds

    a few ideas

    I think the prices on these slayer point wise are a bit steep, great ideas though :^)
  6. Sleds

    Coins Server Support Application

    Very solid candidate, and long time draynor player. I haven't been on enough recently to give a personal opinion on activity etc but defo a good lad
  7. Sleds

    New BIS for melee?

    the tank side of standard justiciar wouldn't be bad for people wanting to solo some bosses like bandos, demonics etc but i'm on board for whatever
  8. Sleds

    Silverado's Staff Application

    Strong application man, from what you've shown since you've been back I think you'd make a good addition to the staff team if you keep it up :^)
  9. Sleds

    This isn’t a love song, this is goodbye

    Aww J my mandem gonna miss you homie but surely KIT on discord xx (dunno if I'm dumb but I didn't understand this; "Asylum/187 and for Sleds; Cosmetics") best of luck irl I'm sure you will pull many the females and have a great time <333
  10. Sleds

    Song Of The Day

  11. Sleds

    Song Of The Day

  12. Sleds

    Draynor Price Guide

    PRICE UPDATES; 2/01/2019 Item name: Kodai Wand Old price: 500-550m New price: 350-500m Item name: Dinh's Bulwark Old price: 100-150m New price: 50-100m Item name: Bandos Chestplate Old price: 225-250m New price: 250-300m Item name: Bandos Tassets Old price: 250-275m New price: 275-325m Item name: Armadyl Chainskirt & Armadyl Chestplate Old price: 300-350m New price: 350-400m Item name: Amulet of torture, Necklace of Anguish & Ring of Suffering Old price: 95m (suffering was 70-80m) New price: All 120-140m Item name: Tormented Bracelet Old price: 100-110m New price: 140-160m Item name: Zenyte Shard Old price: 80m New price: 110-120m
  13. Sleds

    Draynor Price Guide

    And a bond for 21 which goes for 250m-300m, the hammer is just over half the cost in points so makes sense to be around we'll say 100-150m if flat 150m sounds too much? if you see where im coming from
  14. Sleds

    possible updates?

    Great suggestions! look like some fun content for the game, just a heads up that we currently have avernic defender and gharzi rapier but would love to see the rest of the raids 2 items implemented.
  15. Sleds

    Minion drop at arma :O

    Got from kilista after kc 208 at kree i think?

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