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  1. Sleds

    Remove/extend item timers on death

    It'd be so abuseable, instantly being able to leave wildy from any level etc
  2. Sleds

    Changes That COULD be made

    Why the herblore one? you don't get XP in either version of RS for mixing herbs into water
  3. Sleds

    Helper Application

    Knowing you personally in the game you're a good lad but a staff application needs a bit more detail
  4. Sleds

    Clue Scroll Guide

    Hope everyone appreciates the hell out of this guide seeing as he had to technically make it twice
  5. Sleds

    Asylum // Server Support

    Best of luck sweetcheeks x
  6. Sleds

    Boss Slayer Exp Rates (Complete!)

    Could this be pinned
  7. Sleds

    Buying Stuff Pm My Cute Ass in-Game

    ha gay lollllll!!!!
  8. Sleds

    Fix Raids Droprates

    I think that sounds too overpowered
  9. Sleds

    Buying :^)

    Hiya famalam, after an ACB (300m), Armadyl chainskirt (250m), Armadyl chestplate (250m), Slayer helm (I) (50m), Kalphite Queen Head (20m) Hmu ingame or on here x. Cheers -Sleds
  10. Sleds

    Dharok Pking Event

    I might participate once I get home and see what time that is for me
  11. Sleds

    Server Updates 3/1/18 - 3/31/18

    Oh mate the QOL
  12. Sleds

    Making bars

    Herblore was so tedious making unf potions for hours and gaining no xp until you actually make the potions so it was just a depressing skill overall, i reckon smithings fine
  13. Sleds

    Server Support & Forums Moderator

    accepted 2 hours, what i like to see lad. Grats x
  14. Sleds

    Forum staff application

    +1, good cunt

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