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  1. Sossu

    Row (I) & Coins

    would love it, this would be great for ironmans!
  2. Sossu

    Jane Doe's Road to Twisted Bow 🤣😫🔫

    Consider this picture that im back on the grind..
  3. Sossu


    Hello, I have 2 quick questions/suggestions to be added about pets: 1. Can you add pet calling button or something if the pet is stuck you could call it to you for example, wanted to train cooking but my banker did not follow me inside making me hard to reach for him 2. Make other people pets not clickable for you, it gets pretty annoying sometimes when bulk of people in the same place like home bank and everyone have pets called out and you keep clickin on their pets
  4. Sossu

    Finally done.

    O you colored it black, very nice
  5. Sossu


    Jesus 1 year and 6 months, you deserve it bro!
  6. Sossu

    Systemic's road to All Boss drops including Boss pets

    Havent seen you play lots lately, you still after ur goals?
  7. Sossu

    187 // Road to 4400000K xp

    Hopefully you keep up the grind
  8. Sossu

    Raids Is Aids

    Very nice, you be proud
  9. Sossu


    Haha, thanks everyone
  10. Sossu


  11. Sossu

    Jane Doe's Road to Twisted Bow 🤣😫🔫

    updated the thread!
  12. Sossu

    First clue hunter set as a ironman?

    Damn im still missing helm, good job
  13. Sossu

    My Ultimate Zulrah Inv Set up :kappa:

    No ring of wealth switch?
  14. Sossu

    Jane Doe's Road to Twisted Bow 🤣😫🔫

    //Edited added drop

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