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    I love bowling, soccer, CSGO, and Runescape (of course)
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  1. Cjtigger

    Client Issue?

    Could your other accounts go to home and relog fine?
  2. Cjtigger

    Client Issue?

    Yeah looks to me like your account was in a nulled area, It usually fixes itself after an hour or less, when was the last time you tried to log in?
  3. Ikr, there should be a 50 pet one too
  4. Can you post it under suggestions on the forums please?
  5. Cjtigger

    Last Teleport Option

  6. Cjtigger

    Iron Cody's Staff Application

    +1 please and thank you
  7. Cjtigger

    Selling my Tbow

    i'll buy, the offer i said earlier + elder wand
  8. Cjtigger

    Mikeh's Introduction

    I’m gonna have to take your offer on that supper. Welcome to the server and forums
  9. Cjtigger

    Brats Introduction (as if it was needed)

    Welcome to the forums nub
  10. Cjtigger

    Rank MagicMike

  11. Cjtigger


    Oops, looks like you somehow got veteran! Let me just take that away real quick. P.S welcome to Draynor I pay 6m an hour if you spam Asylum
  12. Cjtigger

    Aleksey (theracecat)

    Welcome to the forums cat
  13. Cjtigger


    Welcome to the server and the forums, let me know if you need anything
  14. Cjtigger

    Fight caves (Waiting time)

    I like the time there because then an achievement is actually hard and doesn’t take less than an hour like the rest of them
  15. Cjtigger

    PvP Armour/weapons

    The pvp armours and weapons are only in dmm for pvp purposes

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