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  1. Cjtigger

    GIM Event/Accomplishments

    Bump , please let me know if you have any achievement ideas!
  2. Cjtigger

    Suggestions :)

    Rev caves were added. Increased bank space were added, starts at 400 for normals up to 850 depending on your donator status! Cannon was added for 150 votes in the vote store, only able to be used in the same places as osrs
  3. Cjtigger

    Couple Suggestions

    Vile will now break when you finish drinking the potion if you toggle it at sir gawain Can now note items, and unnote at a bank booth, not a personal banker though!
  4. Cjtigger

    Thought process behind some of these updates / things

    Bank size was updated from 350 to 400, and scales with donator rank up to 850!
  5. Cjtigger

    Suggestions I

    Rev caves and shift drop were added!
  6. Cjtigger

    Larger Bank

    More bank space was added! It is now 400, and tiers with donator rank up to 850!
  7. Cjtigger

    GIM Event/Accomplishments

    Paid out some of the items, all of the green highlighted names were paid out, please message me ingame if you still have to get paid out!
  8. Cjtigger

    Legendary Donor rank please

  9. Cjtigger

    Hey people

    Welcome to the forums man, we've already talked ingame and im looking forward to seeing what you can accomplish
  10. Cjtigger

    GIM Event/Accomplishments

    Updated it again, Please message me ingame to claim your goodiebag pick! @Jordan @Stewie2k @No Torva @Coins
  11. Cjtigger

    GIM Event/Accomplishments

    Edited and added the names of the achievers next to the achievements. Please message me on forums or discord, or reply on this thread if you complete something, would help out tremendously!
  12. Cjtigger

    Group Ironman raids

    agreed, but i dont know if it'll be possible since its not instanced, and you cant really force people to not raid because a group is raiding
  13. Cjtigger

    GIM Event/Accomplishments

    Hello fellow Draynorians, with the release of GIM I think its the perfect time to host an event giving back to you guys, the community! The way the event will work is that it will be "achievement" based that I, and also the community can decide on, if you have any ideas then let me know and i'll add it! The ranks of achievements will go from Tier 1 being the lowest and easyish achievments, Tier 2 being in the middle, and Tier 3 being the hardest, with things like Inferno, Maxing, and Completionist! With Tier 1 being the lowest tier, it'll consist of a goody bag with items ranging from 0gp-100m! With tier 2 being in the middle, it will consist of items ranging from 100m-200m With tier 3 being the highest, it will consist of items ranging from 200m to even a twisted bow!! Let me know what achievements you have in mind, and what tier they should reside in! Tier 1 Achievements First 3 GIM to 99 Slayer (Stewart + Showering + ?) First 2 GIM to 99 Prayer (Showering + Stewart) First 2 GIM to 99 Herblore (GIM Coins + Stewart) First 2 GIM to 99 Crafting (Stewart + Showering) First 2 GIM to 99 Smithing (Captain + Stewart) First 2 GIM to maxed combat (126/99's in all Combat skills including Hitpoints) (Stewart + Showering) First 2 GIM to obtain 5 pets (including skilling) (Stewart + ?) First piece of Zenyte jewelry First task reset scroll First imbued slayer helm (Reborn) Tier 2 Achievements First 2 GIM to 2000 Total Level (Showering + Stewart) First 2 GIM to All 99's (minus combat, prayer, and slayer) (Stewart + ?) First Zenyte jewelry set (all 4) First Raids drop First GWD drop (minus shards) (Stewart) First Zulrah Drop First Avernic Defender (Lol trade me) First Gharazi Rapier Tier 3 Achievements First to Completionist (will get a $10 bond as well as a pick in the goodie bag) First 2 GIM to max (Stewart + Showering) First GIM to obtain the infernal cape (Stewart) First GIM to complete 50 raids I will not be competing for any of them, although anybody in any 3 of my groups are allowed to. Let me know if anybody has any suggestions for more achievements, or if anybody would like to donate to the prizes Everything will be coming out of my bank account (minus the $10 bond)
  14. Cjtigger

    Need a GIM team?

    Full group already, will make a 3rd group if anybody is interested and is in need of a group
  15. Cjtigger

    Need a GIM team?

    Want to join my group? Hey lads ima make a second group iron, and anybody is welcome! looking for 3 other teamates to show our dominance vs all else, hit me up!

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