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    I love bowling, soccer, CSGO, and Runescape (of course)
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  1. Cjtigger

    Crack the Clue!

  2. Cjtigger


    Heyyyyy welcome to the server, don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have!
  3. Cjtigger

    Loot From Cerberus

    I also got a hell puppy sometime in the 2000s
  4. Cjtigger

    Loot From Cerberus

    What I got from 2247 Kills of Cerberus, Finally got my Primordials
  5. Cjtigger

    Server Updates 2/1/19 - 2/28/19

    the bracelet is only 1;150 from the dragon, but it's quite easy getting to revs, and food isnt really worth anything on Draynor so it shouldn't and hasn't been a problem since revs were released
  6. Cjtigger

    Server Updates 2/1/19 - 2/28/19

    The dragon is the only revenant to drop the bracelet to keep the bracelet rare and actually worth something
  7. Cjtigger

    Server Updates 2/1/19 - 2/28/19

    If its charged, it is not lost on death currently
  8. Cjtigger

    Iron Dawg's Drop Log

  9. Cjtigger

    Group Ironman discussion

    you can count on me not teaming up with you quitter
  10. Cjtigger

    Group Ironman discussion

    I cant stress this enough but a LOT of old players have said they would come back and play if group ironman was added and I believe that if it were added it would be a massive step towards getting a larger player base consistently and I can't see anything bad coming from this update
  11. Cjtigger

    Iron Dawg's Drop Log

    Drops received:

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