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  1. Coins


    support, your super active & always helpful
  2. Coins


    placeholders is on the list, it will be coming in the future
  3. Coins

    Vorkath Guide

    you can also get there by use fremmy boots 4 , overall 10/10 guide
  4. Coins

    187/Asy ; Staff Application

    I've seen you active, support. best of luck
  5. Coins

    This or that?

    being rich all day, idc if im famous or not if you have to choose one to eat for the rest of your life... taco bell or mcdonalds
  6. Coins

    Crack the Clue!

    bump added more hints
  7. Coins

    Crack the Clue!

    Hello and welcome to draynors crack the clue! I put together something i thought would be fun and challenging for draynor! if you're not familiar with 'Crack the Clue' it is a special clue-seeker event held over the course of four weeks during 2016, where map clues were released on Osrs. “Over the course of the next four weeks we will be releasing four clues here on the forums. These clues will be solvable in game, allowing you to unlock one piece of a brand new set of cosmetic gear each week! Example: Location Hint: You go here after completing something at the start of Old School Runescape Item(s) Hint: You use this Item to skill with, & this item to kill with Of course there will be a reward for your hard work, a $10 bond along with #CrackTheClue title Item 1 Hint: Location: It is near somewhere you go to kill certain monsters Items: One item has been introduced to draynor recently , the other is a item you can train, pk with, but not many people find it useful You dont need a spade, and needs to be combined at the place to be complete. old hints its near a temple its near a farming patch new hints its near the slayer tower items needed is a level 50 attack requirement item & a level 60 requirement item Giggles was the first to solve the first piece Item 2 Hint: Location: It's near a important town that unlocks key helmet items from quests Items: One item is a item that's not very useful on draynor for its high requirement needed to wear it. The other item is a item that people dont touch after they achieved the mastery in it old hints Location hint - people train at these if their not on waterbirth island 1st item Hint - items needed is a item that helps with bossing very much healing wise on osrs. 2nd item hint - the other item people use this 'item' to get to a certain level then go do a mini game for faster xp new hints 1st item Hint - ironmen camp this minigame for runes, etc 2nd item hint - you get this item from tutorial island on osrs
  8. Bump updated for new content, check discord #announcements for details
  9. Coins


    you've been active since you came back. you've been great addition to the staff team in the past. goodluck mate
  10. Coins

    Beginner Ironman Guide

    nice guide
  11. Coins

    arrow shafts

    - done, will be added next update
  12. Coins


  13. Coins

    Sixty - Moderator Reapplication

    you've been super super active after you finished school. i support you
  14. Coins

    Helper Application

    i thought after the gim hype you would go afk like you did in the past, you proved me wrong. i support you 110% my friend
  15. Coins

    Umbreon's Helper app

    application looks good, i see you active and online alot. i personally haven't seen you help people or anything but im always semi afking coding so if cloud, cj vouches for you then im sure you are doing everything right. best of luck mate
  16. Coins

    Hey people

    hey i've seen you around, glad your sticking with us. you should make a gim and grind along with everyone else atm!
  17. Coins

    Need a GIM team?

    if you are looking for a GIM team post your username here so people know who needs a team or not. goodluck & have fun fellas, i hope you find a team
  18. Coins

    Need a GIM team?

    Pm the people needing a team on forums, discord or in game to start a group
  19. Coins

    Need a GIM team?

    has found a team!
  20. Coins

    Group Ironman, Extra Bank Space, and More!

    we also added the rest of the wildy npc's in 'plat combat zone 2' along with fixing the correct name on the white portal
  21. Coins

    Manipulation's Completionist Journey

    nice p5! keep up the grind
  22. Coins

    Manipulation's Completionist Journey

    post all progress & drops ! goodluck
  23. Coins

    Draynor Price Guide

    pm'd you on discord @Cloud

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