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  1. Coins

    Hey people

    hey i've seen you around, glad your sticking with us. you should make a gim and grind along with everyone else atm!
  2. Coins

    Need a GIM team?

    Pm the people needing a team on forums, discord or in game to start a group
  3. Coins

    Need a GIM team?

    has found a team!
  4. Coins

    Need a GIM team?

    if you are looking for a GIM team post your username here so people know who needs a team or not. goodluck & have fun fellas, i hope you find a team
  5. Coins

    Group Ironman, Extra Bank Space, and More!

    we also added the rest of the wildy npc's in 'plat combat zone 2' along with fixing the correct name on the white portal
  6. Coins

    Manipulation's Completionist Journey

    nice p5! keep up the grind
  7. Coins

    Manipulation's Completionist Journey

    post all progress & drops ! goodluck
  8. Coins

    Draynor Price Guide

    pm'd you on discord @Cloud
  9. Coins


    hello and welcome
  10. Coins

    Server Updates 3/1/19 - 3/31/19

    Dragon Shard & Dragon slice --> dragon kiteshield Dragon Shard & Dragon lump --> Dragon platebody
  11. Coins

    Crack the Clue!

    Hello and welcome to draynors first ever crack the clue! I put together something i thought would be fun and challenging for draynor! if you're not familiar with 'Crack the Clue' it is a special clue-seeker event held over the course of four weeks during 2016, where map clues were released on Osrs. “Over the course of the next four weeks we will be releasing four clues here on the forums. These clues will be solvable in game, allowing you to unlock one piece of a brand new set of cosmetic gear each week! Example: Location Hint: You go here after completing something at the start of Old School Runescape Item(s) Hint: You use this Item to skill with, & this item to kill with Of course there will be a reward for your hard work, a $10 bond along with #CrackTheClue title Week 1 Hint: Location: It is near somewhere you go to kill certain monsters Items: One item has been introduced to draynor recently , the other is a item you can train, pk with, but not many people find it useful You dont need a spade, and needs to be combined at the place to be complete. its near a temple its somewhat near a farming patch its near a slayer location
  12. Coins

    Platinum Resource

    100 ea is only 2.8k a inventory, still kinda cheap 28k a inv isnt to bad, i think it should be higher tbh
  13. Coins

    Platinum Resource

    To make platinum zone different but better we added 'Platinum Resource' What is Platinum Resource? it is a area that gives 1.5xp to skills, just like the wilderness resource. What's the difference between the two? only difference is the platinum resource you can not get pk'd. players here can not use ::bank or personal banker. what im getting at is, we added 'piles' to the area, and we also added 'un-note' function, its the same price as noting (50 coins an item) . which means all skills can be added to Platinum resource area, rcing, hunter, farming, etc the piles in wilderness resource will have the 'un-note' function will this be okay at (50coins an item) or should we up the price to (X coins an item) or remove the 'un-note' function all together note: if you all choose to keep it or up the price, Plats would you want all skills 1-99 objects ( all rcing altars, hunter, etc) to being able to level or just the high level content
  14. nice suggestions, ill see what the team can do about this

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