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  1. Coins

    This or that?

    being rich all day, idc if im famous or not if you have to choose one to eat for the rest of your life... taco bell or mcdonalds
  2. Coins

    Crack the Clue!

    bump added more hints
  3. Bump updated for new content, check discord #announcements for details
  4. Coins


    you've been active since you came back. you've been great addition to the staff team in the past. goodluck mate
  5. Coins

    Beginner Ironman Guide

    nice guide
  6. Coins

    arrow shafts

    - done, will be added next update
  7. Coins


  8. Coins

    Sixty - Moderator Reapplication

    you've been super super active after you finished school. i support you
  9. Coins

    Helper Application

    i thought after the gim hype you would go afk like you did in the past, you proved me wrong. i support you 110% my friend
  10. Coins

    Umbreon's Helper app

    application looks good, i see you active and online alot. i personally haven't seen you help people or anything but im always semi afking coding so if cloud, cj vouches for you then im sure you are doing everything right. best of luck mate
  11. Coins

    Hey people

    hey i've seen you around, glad your sticking with us. you should make a gim and grind along with everyone else atm!
  12. Coins

    Need a GIM team?

    Pm the people needing a team on forums, discord or in game to start a group
  13. Coins

    Need a GIM team?

    has found a team!
  14. Coins

    Need a GIM team?

    if you are looking for a GIM team post your username here so people know who needs a team or not. goodluck & have fun fellas, i hope you find a team

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