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  1. Coins

    Iron Cody's Staff Application

  2. Coins


    why are you leaving
  3. hello draynor

    1. ryanheinz


      hey gurl heeeey

  4. Coins

    Server Updates 11/1/18 - 11/30/18

    nice update krabs!
  5. Coins

    Mikeh's Introduction

    hey i seen you around the server, welcome bud!
  6. Coins

    Row (I) & Coins

  7. Coins

    Slayer helm & Slayer helm (i)

  8. Coins

    Coins Support Application

    Username: Coins Time zone: Eastern How active are you talking on our Discord channels? im confused on this, if you mean with mic. I've never talked with my mic. but text wise, i chat hear and there. Realistically, how many hours a day can we expect you to play on the weekdays, and the weekends? Weekdays - 4-5 hours due to work, Weekends - 6-10 hours Are there any reasons why you might not be able to reach normal playtime, and how often would that occur? Well i just got engaged last week ( she said yes btw ) so sometimes she makes me go look at places where we could get married and do other wedding stuff. What have you done as a player to really stand out from the crowd? i've helped new comers when they come, not just by giving items but knowledge wise to. I tried voting but it was messed up for the longest time due to Captcha reloading the images, just got aggravating. but since its fixed now i vote everyday. How are you supporting the growth of Draynor on a daily basis? Can we depend on you to be active daily and contributing to Draynor's growth as well as supporting its players? yes, i am very dependable. Can we depend on you to be just as active and helpful down the road just as you were when you are promoted? If i were promoted you could count on me to do my job. I have alot of experience with being rsps staff, and osrs clan staff & leaders. Is there anything else you would like to tell us when considering your application? even if im declined i understand, i will continue to help out the server in anyway i can
  9. Coins

    Day to Day #4 Come check it out!

    nice video
  10. Coins

    To get the forum active

    support 100%
  11. Coins

    Crafting expansion.

    i dont see why not
  12. Coins

    Server Updates 5/1/18 - 5/30/18

    nice updates krabs, keep em coming!
  13. Coins

    Hunter remaster

  14. im pretty sure runelocus, advertisement will bring people to the server. its a fun server it just needs the players.
  15. congrats beer! turn pm on and ill send you pm

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