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  1. Cain

    Sleds ReReApplication

    You’re all doomed RIP.
  2. Cain

    ??? bandos nani

    But did you do 500kc and no tassys, I didn’t think so
  3. Cain

    Fight caves (Waiting time)

    I personally think there’s more matters to attend to than a few seconds waiting time in between each wave
  4. Cain

    Draynor Price Guide

    Dumb bitch @ryanheinz
  5. Cain

    Favorite Movies

    Easily got to be saving private Ryan or, law abiding citizen
  6. Cain

    You all know me =]

    Who are you again??
  7. Cain


    Bruh I won the lottery???
  8. Cain


    Result of making an iron Man, hcim, a break and other shit. Much shoutout to you too for the reset scroll @Sossu
  9. Cain


    1 year and 6 months later my lazy ass has done it!!
  10. Cain

    Hunter + Donor Perk Rework?

    Literally just woke up and read this. Drunk me talks shit
  11. Cain

    Hunter + Donor Perk Rework?

    Thing is with specialist donor zones is they can be achieved without actually donating the donor zone is a thank you for donating to the server not a place to out-do other players by a mile bc then it’s kind of a donate to win server. Donor zone and benefits are a thank you for donating not a place to make billions in seconds and get 99’s in an hour
  12. Cain

    Ring of Wealth Scroll

    An only Ironman non drop or transfer to normal and trade item, 1-700 chance of getting
  13. Cain

    Ring of Wealth Scroll

    Adding a destroy rather than drop item would be good so they can’t be sold etc
  14. Cain

    Ring of Wealth Scroll

    But if people want a shadow sword as a Ironman they can it doesn’t effect anyone else bar them. Thatll never happen will significantly decrease value of them both, they’re both 1b because you HAVE to pay real money to get them or be lucky enough to buy off people
  15. Cain

    Ring of Wealth Scroll

    Don’t see why Ironman shouldn’t be allowed to donate? If they want a row I or a shadow sword they can get one, if you want to be Ironman and not donate then it’s a simple case not donating

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