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  1. scone8116

    Suggestion: Server Reset and Prestige

    This has gotten more support then I expected. I really think Krabs you should take this into heavy consideration.
  2. scone8116

    Suggestion: Server Reset and Prestige

    Yeah remove the actual pvm items from shop, Buff premium boxes a little maybe make them cost more and an eco reset the server would be so good after that. :P
  3. scone8116

    Suggestion: Server Reset and Prestige

    That's why I suggested a rework for the donation shop so you can't donate for gear, You can get the premium crates and have a chance at gear but those have horrible odds.
  4. scone8116


    @Beer close this??
  5. scone8116


    It's sad that he killed you but in fairness it's the wilderness. If you go there and die you can only blame yourself. :/
  6. scone8116

    Suggestion: Server Reset and Prestige

    If you did and changed things immediately with the update then fix those things as time goes on you won't have this issue again. Right now cash is useless you can't even spend money and the entire eco is ruined basically..
  7. scone8116

    Suggestion: Server Reset and Prestige

    I support it 100% makes perfect sense, I think the donor shops should be changed to remove items you can get from npc drops this way people have to grind more. I do believe people who donated should get the points back they paid for but only with an updated donor shop that does not ruin the market
  8. scone8116

    Let us just pick what task reset scroll gives us

    I did both before 99 on my ironman, If you grind easy tasks you fly through it, It's not a hard thing to get at all.
  9. scone8116

    Official F2P PK Event 16/09/17

    should just make it for next week now.
  10. scone8116

    Let us just pick what task reset scroll gives us

    I can't support picking a task option for an item that takes no time to get at all unless another scroll is added for like 1k slayer points or something because right now it's too cheap to be that good.
  11. scone8116

    Let us just pick what task reset scroll gives us

    Instead of doing this since the item is so easy to get, Add an item to the donater shops that would allow you to do this.
  12. scone8116

    Few server ideas

    I had a few ideas just wanted to put them out there. Fully working Catacombs A buff to a few bosses such as KBD, venenatis Nerf Arma Godwars Boss, It's unusually overpowered just a small change to defense could do wonders. Remove some items from the Donor shop to increase value of those items and make bossing better to do. Fix Scotizo animations.. I believe 4675 - standing 4674 - walking 4676 - block 4680 - attack 69 - mage attack 1242(projectile) 4624 - death animation. I believe these works they do for most situations. Not huge things but I think would improve the server.
  13. scone8116

    Server Updates 9/1/17-9/30/17

    Issue with this he would have to do it for everyone
  14. scone8116


    Add me, I use Scone for pure pking and my main is Rag
  15. scone8116

    Activity - Autism


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