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  1. crands

    im back

    been out for almost 2 weeks or so i think. sorry for the inactivity lol, ive been busy with work, longdrives and had my bday few days ago. but.. after my wife's bday ill be on like i used to before :) hope to see some old faces and new one's for sure p.s. need to re-check price guide again lol... ill buy errthang you guys have =p, jk ohhh and congratulation to all staff : mac on admin, lewis on mod. [dont know if anyone else got promoted] but grats to all :)
  2. crands

    Fastest Kraken Kill Times

    asked in chat on what was the fastest atm, and someone said 14, so i dint bother to post, but then checked the post and it was 17 by tat. did, 79 - 71 - 65 - 40
  3. crands


    ohhhh god, i smell alot of raging and flaming from this ahaha
  4. crands

    Fastest Kraken Kill Times

    ive done a few 20's and cant seem to get under 20 lol, everytime i hit the first 2 hit high, next 2 hit is either low or a miss
  5. crands


    wait what??? freal? duel arena is being added soon? since when was this approve? ahahah just wondering =p and yes dummy would be nice to have for checking max hit's and stuffs
  6. crands


    grats on 1k post lol (reported for spamming post to him 1k) hehe thanks yo, hope to see some of this too, got too many ideas heheh
  7. crands

    for future reference

    this is the other post thats about title for pvm's and pvps
  8. crands

    for future reference

    woops, i guess counted way too many 0's LOL, hmm well maybe besides the 10k supplie, it'll need a certain amount of gold coins too.
  9. crands

    for future reference

    i know krabs has alot of thing going on hand right now regarding the server updates. and just wanted to suggest something for future reference, doesnt have to be anytime soon. this was somewhat already talked about on another post, but ill start this one on a different approach. sooo..... TITLES! who wants em? i do! for sure! would it be possible to add certain titles that you can buy? (custom/normal one's) examples are: wood cutter - trading in 10k logs (magics or redwood) fisher - trading in 10k raw fish (angler or darkcrabs) miner - trading in 10k ores (rune ores) farmer - trading in 10k herbs (this can be anything to be honest, but maybe stay with torstols) chef - trading in cooked food (angler or darkcrabs) thief - trading in 10k (magic stones, from thieving stall) hunter - trading in 10k imps (ninja or dragon imps) Supplier - trading in 3 diffrent 10k supplies as to why is it 10k is that, title shouldnt be cheap (we have 1 title for 1bil gp) example is : 10k rune ore = 100m gp (at 10k each) this way skillers/non skillers can still make money by skilling and then selling them. obtaining 10k shouldnt be easy and shouldnt be as hard, if you have the time or money. this will make supplies and demands more in effect. if you have any other suggested titles that would be a challange to get, please comment them below. and check my other reply to the other title suggestion, if you wanna see other titles added ingame <3
  10. crands


    welcome yo to the server and forums fendi :) hope to see you ingame.
  11. crands

    Show boss drops

    showing uncommons+ would be nice.
  12. crands

    More ironman modes?

    ult ironman tho! i missed farming with 1 invent lmao.....
  13. crands

    Server Updates 4/27/17 - 5/27/17

    YESS! karambwan works now! lets get the pking started!
  14. crands

    PVM kills lol

    i have 3 harambe's lol i think i dropped like 2 more cause i started getting them and i was like i already have 1 so might as well. im plannin on getting 5k for deminic gors, then probly gonna take a break from them on the list next is 1k of each gwd boss, on crands then probly 5k of : Lizard shamans (ehh..Do-able) KQ (kinda Do-able) Zulrah (ohh man....Do-able) Kraken (ohh god no....) on lytsu ( im not looking forward to this tbh... lmfao)
  15. crands

    Bank Pic

    god dam, free stoofs plox

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