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  1. Sin

    Tzhaar/Jad Slayer task

    Also you can't kill Cerberus as a hellhounds task. Add too pls.
  2. Sin

    Tzhaar/Jad Slayer task

    This I support. Yes pls.
  3. Sin

    Fastest Kraken Kill Times

    Was gunna start a thread with my 44 seconds, glad I didn't now, would've got shown up otherwise ;) Grats tho!
  4. Sin

    Bandos mass aftermath

    I won the 20m in HnS. Can't believe you forgot me
  5. Zoinks! Will it be 100% raids or a bit easier? Also, one of the first pictures said raid will start with 5+ people, is solo not possible?
  6. Sin

    Quick instanced area tps

    Nah I was just saying that, that was a better idea than the original suggestion I made lol. Cleaner/easier interface would be 100% better.
  7. Sin

    Quick instanced area tps

    It will literally save you 10 seconds. That's not going to impact the items being dropped. There are scrolls that teleport you directly to Cerberus anyway if you want to pay 40k each.
  8. Sin

    Quick instanced area tps

    How you gunna steal my thunder like that??
  9. Sin

    Sin's G&As

    Started 14/03/17 A little log to show what goal I have achieved and yet to complete. Green = Completed Orange = WIP Red = Not started PvM. My PvM goals are basically to obtain every rare drop (excluding pets) from most bosses/monsters. Zulrah. 2x Serptine Visages Tanzanite Fang Magic Fang Magma Mutagen Tanzanite Mutagen Cerberus. Eternal Crystal Pegasian Crystal Primordial Crystal Kraken Uncharged Trident 16/03/17 Kraken Tentacle Demonic Gorillas 4x Zenyte shards Ballista Limbs Ballista Spring Monkey Tail Chaos Fanatic Odium & Malediction shard 1 Crazy Archaeologist Odium & Malediction shard 2 Skorpia Odium & Malediction shard 3 Commander Zilyana Armadyl Crossbow Saradomin Hilt Kree Arra Armadyl Helmet Armadyl Chesplate Armadyl Chainskirt General Graardor Bandos Chestplate Bandos Tassets I think that's it for now, thanks for checking in and I will update every time I get an item and will update with maxing when I've got all these items
  10. Sin

    Quick instanced area tps

    There are already scrolls in game to teleport you to Cerberus. But I can't imagine killing bosses by, say, 10 seconds quicker will accumulate more items.
  11. Sin

    Zulrah times.

    Just realized I managed to eat 2 anglerfish... That means there can be a quicker time, gl all
  12. Sin

    Make Karambwans great again

    It basically means you can stack food in the same amount of ticks it takes to eat a shark, but only a karambwan and a shark etc. If you quickly youtubed some rs pking vids you'll see what i mean.
  13. Sin

    Quick instanced area tps

    Can we get a little portal or something we can click so we can get tele'd back to the instanced boss, eg; Kraken, Cerberus, instead of having to go through the PvM teleport interface to restart the instance.
  14. Sin

    Make Karambwans great again

    By making it so you can eat karambwans in the same tick as other food like anglerfish etc, making it a combo food like in OSRS.
  15. Sin

    Zulrah times.

    The rng

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