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  1. PrincessNewb

    Queen Newb Staff Application

    Username: Queen Newb Date joined: Late January Time zone: GMT Average hours played per day: 5-6 Do you have skype? Yes Have you read the entire staff application thread to see what we look for and the reasons your application may be denied? Thoroughly Have you broken any rules? If so, please explain. Me personally no, however my fiance' got IP banned and I happened to get caught up in that. What have you done within the community to prove that you are a good candidate? I have just been myself, I feel I'm a friendly bubbly energetic person and that vibe rubs off on whoever I'm around. I am good at handling situations where I have to remain calm and understand the level of maturity I will need if I were to get this position. Helping players is like a second nature to me and I help anyone in need, I have gained a lot of knowledge in the last few months on the game and I am willing to help and share my knowledge with those who need it! Thank you for reading my application.
  2. PrincessNewb

    I like dogs, dogs are cool.

    its only a week late give me some credit, my brain just does not want to work :(
  3. Congrats on Admin!!

  4. PrincessNewb

    I like dogs, dogs are cool.

    Dogs are life This is 1 of 3
  5. My activity on the server has been a bit down just recently, got lots of uni work to do but will hopefully have it all done by next friday so from then i will be on more :) still around on forums now and then and always on discord if anyone needs me <3

  6. PrincessNewb


    Welcome to the server and to the Draynor family! If you need anything don't hesitate to ask :) also good luck in your exams!
  7. PrincessNewb

    forum mods.

    +1 good luck
  8. PrincessNewb

    Snapchat names

    Guys who use snapchat leave your users below and if i wanna i'll add you
  9. PrincessNewb

    Snapchat names

  10. PrincessNewb

    Server support application.

    Gratz Cain!
  11. PrincessNewb


    Good luck sure you'll rock them!
  12. PrincessNewb

    OSRS - Add me fellas

    Added- IGN NewbPrincess
  13. PrincessNewb

    More Skin Colours!

    I wanna be blue like avatar!!
  14. Will be back on the server a bit more now that essay has been handed in, few more bits of uni work left and then i'm officially done with education for ever!

    1. xlewiss


      Good luck Mel!

    2. PrincessNewb
    3. Beer


      Good stuff mel :)


  15. PrincessNewb

    Server support application.

    Not a problem, nice to be applying against someone as nice as you :) (although we all know staff is mine )
  16. PrincessNewb

    Server support application.

    Good luck with your application!
  17. PrincessNewb


    A dummy sounds like a pretty cool idea +1 from me
  18. PrincessNewb

    Server Updates 4/27/17 - 5/27/17

    Updates look good Krabs
  19. PrincessNewb

    Queen Newb Staff Application

    The one and only Queen <3 thank you!
  20. PrincessNewb

    Queen Newb Staff Application

    Thank you
  21. PrincessNewb

    UK Netflix

    I'll check them out- we're waiting on the new oitnb to come out totally forgot about that lol. thank you :)
  22. PrincessNewb

    UK Netflix

    Guys I need good netfilx stuff to watch. No horrors I'm a faggot. I've watched: 13 reasons why Gilmore girls Pretty Little Liars The client list Gossip Girl Peep Show currently watching Grace and frankie. Let me know what you's like and i'll check them out!
  23. PrincessNewb


    Look forward to seeing you around the server :)
  24. PrincessNewb


    Welcome to the server! If you need any help just drop one of us a pm and we will help :) hope you enjoy the server :)
  25. PrincessNewb

    UK Netflix

    will check them out. thank you

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