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  1. Mel where you at tho

  2. Mel where you been? I miss youuuuuu

    1. PrincessNewb


      I've got shi**y internet at the minute- I always get discord messages and Skype- hopefully be on soon! Miss you too

    2. TheMac


      Good! Cant wait! Thought you left us!

  3. PrincessNewb

    I like dogs, dogs are cool.

    its only a week late give me some credit, my brain just does not want to work :(
  4. Congrats on Admin!!

  5. PrincessNewb

    I like dogs, dogs are cool.

    Dogs are life This is 1 of 3
  6. My activity on the server has been a bit down just recently, got lots of uni work to do but will hopefully have it all done by next friday so from then i will be on more :) still around on forums now and then and always on discord if anyone needs me <3

  7. PrincessNewb


    Welcome to the server and to the Draynor family! If you need anything don't hesitate to ask :) also good luck in your exams!
  8. PrincessNewb

    forum mods.

    +1 good luck
  9. PrincessNewb

    Snapchat names

  10. PrincessNewb

    Server support application.

    Gratz Cain!
  11. PrincessNewb

    Snapchat names

    Guys who use snapchat leave your users below and if i wanna i'll add you
  12. PrincessNewb


    Good luck sure you'll rock them!
  13. PrincessNewb

    OSRS - Add me fellas

    Added- IGN NewbPrincess
  14. PrincessNewb

    More Skin Colours!

    I wanna be blue like avatar!!

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