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  1. Floki Mayhem

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    Floki Mayhem Ultimate donor
  2. Floki Mayhem


    Hey Flexy, I love your sig hahaha
  3. Nice video man! Sexy voice (-;
  4. Floki Mayhem


    Hey man (-:
  5. Floki Mayhem

    Floki Mayhem

    Hahaha, Ive heard that once or twice (-;
  6. Floki Mayhem

    Off-Topic Media-

    I own a small paintball venue which mostly operates on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays. I am a personal trainer and bartender during the week (-: I have no idea how to make bank in Draynor but ill figure it out hahah
  7. Floki Mayhem

    Floki Mayhem

    Also thankyou @Beer for helping me get started, perfect moderator!
  8. Floki Mayhem

    Floki Mayhem

    Thanks man (-:
  9. Floki Mayhem

    Floki Mayhem

    Hello My name is Floki (This is my real name) I am Norwegian and I currently live in Australia I am very new to the game (-:

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