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  1. xlewiss


    Buying the following items listed below. -Eteranal boots or crystal. -Arcane spirit shield -Blessed spirit shield -Bones -dwh -zammy spear
  2. xlewiss

    Selling my Tbow

    As stated above, I'm going to sell my Tbow I'll take 7.5b/8b if most of it is cash or unique items.
  3. xlewiss

    ~Snickers~ Road To All Pets.

    Ey good luck man, I do want to see how fast you can get them all.
  4. xlewiss

    Other ways to earn

    Yeah that would be good, kinda annoying on an ironman when you can't buy them so you have to grind it out but no one ever wants to raid:\
  5. xlewiss


    Don't see no harm in this at all, veteran doesn't give benefits anyways just shows the loyalty of players. I don't know about a mini snoop dogg though lmao maybe a different colour veteran rank or something that stands out more maybe. But I do fully support this.
  6. xlewiss

    Other ways to earn

    I don't know if this will be good but it seems no one ever raids, so a different way to get the prayers would be amazing. It's taken me 3 days to get 100 points because people do like 1 raid a day, therefore I'm kind of finding it pointless at this point. Obviously I'm an ironman so I can't just buy it and I can't grind it out since no one else wants to raid ever.
  7. xlewiss


    Username: xlewis (Want it on this account pls)Date joined: Start of feb 2017 homie.
  8. xlewiss

    Just a Suggestion hear me out

    I'm not a massive fan of a custom but a corp beast in the wildy with some kind of benefit would be pretty decent as its a pain to solo from the last time I was killing it anyhow. I've always thought a complete revamp on the PvP store @::edge would encourage more people to at least fight here and there.
  9. Hello!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. xlewiss


      Long time no speak Cj

    3. Cjtigger


      Way too long :(

    4. xlewiss


      I'll be back in game one day! For now I'll be on the forums dude.

  10. Are you ok mate?

    1. xlewiss


      I'll message you later buddy, few things going on at the moment.

    2. Beer


      OK brother

  11. xlewiss

    Sixty - Support staff application

    I don't see anything wrong with joking around with friends personally as playing the game is all about having fun. But I have to be honest and I've seen you help a lot but I can't share my opinions right now as I haven't been back long enough to judge you in that way yet. You seem like a good guy with good intentions though, so keep going the way you are.
  12. xlewiss

    Sled's Drop log

    My bets is its a draw, i'll come PJ you both!
  13. xlewiss

    Draynor Price Guide

    As said above by Cain. I'm always about so feel free to message me if one doesn't seem right and probably needs changing, thanks.
  14. xlewiss

    Sled's Drop log

    Ey not bad! Unlucky with the blowpipe though, I got my first ever in like 12 kill count. Went 1.1k kills with no pet though on my other account, made an iron and got the pet in my first kill lmao.

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