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  1. Zach W

    add to forum ranks

  2. Zach W

    Space bar to continue

    Sure, I like the idea.
  3. Zach W

    I'M BACK

    Congrats , welcome back!!
  4. Zach W


    What do you guys want to see and do? We need something cool! Good prizes to be given out, like bonds, titles, and items. Let me know. I want to get us back into events all the time.
  5. Zach W


    I have a F2P pvp event typed up, was just waiting to post it until around school let out for all of these young ones we have on here
  6. Zach W


    Hello Alphie!
  7. Zach W


    Little freaky, don't ya think?
  8. Zach W

    my bank so far

    Good looking bank man!
  9. Zach W


    Love the idea, can't hurt anything. Another vote reward.
  10. Zach W

    Draynor Price Guide

    Glad to see this post is getting the attention now. Keep it up, Cloud. You are doing great things.
  11. Good idea Krabs, would love to see more advertising to increase the player volume, let me know if I can help with any of it.
  12. Zach W

    Dharok Pking Event

    Also, pinned and featured this topic. Hope to see a big outcome.
  13. Zach W

    Dharok Pking Event

    Awesome, looking forward to attending this, to spectate only though. :)
  14. Zach W

    Ultimate Ironman.

    Sounds good, but it would be hard to get it in-game.
  15. Zach W

    need new donor rank for iron titans

    Titans, please use the format that is given when applying for a rank on the forums.

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