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  1. frankie

    Veteran rank.

    great idea beer! support from me!
  2. frankie

    Solo osrs (frankie) staff application

    and is you define staff hunting as offering my support and help in game you are wrong my friend @No Torva. i helped out in game long before i even posted an application and when my first application got denied i never hesitated to carry on offering my help in game, you wouldn't know @Grem as you've only been on the server a week. as for you no torva you have only been back on the server for a couple days so you wouldn't know either.
  3. frankie

    Solo osrs (frankie) staff application

    the times i was afk at bank 10 hours a day I had issues going on irl besides that was way before i even tried to apply for staff. I'm a different person and have shown much maturily and offer my help to everyone while im online. you haven't been unbanned long you have not seen or spoke to me for a long time. Everyone is allowed their own opinion and i am glad you posted on this because not everyone will post supporting feedback, I appreciate your honest opinion.
  4. frankie

    Solo osrs (frankie) staff application

    Thanks @Beer, I do try hard to prove myself to the community and staff. much Appreciation for both supporting comments!
  5. cant wait good job krabs :) so you cannot solo raids? also what about ironmen if we are in a party will we still have the chance to get a drop?
  6. frankie

    Quick instanced area tps

    i also agree with @Iron Newb because your idea will make it even easier and quicker to kill bosses therfore you get more kills and more drops quicker
  7. frankie

    Quick instanced area tps

    i disagree we have keymaster drops that cerb drops, this will ruin the privlage of getting them as a drop
  8. frankie


    i support this!
  9. frankie

    100 mystery boxes opening with golden keys

    great vid! good insight to what u can recieve from boxs.
  10. frankie

    Barrows REVAMP!?

    highly support this i remember back in the day with the brothers on top where u choose what to kill for ur desired drop! however i see ur dh axe has higher dr then the others i feel they should all be the same. would love to see this update! also with the clues bringing a new method to farm clues also!!!! @Beer
  11. frankie


    highly support great idea!!! this also maybe you could see there drops?
  12. frankie

    Cleaning a Whip?

    great idea however gaining the whip mix back would be just as good (cleaning cloth) consumes on use and must get it as a drop or something? or from prestige store.
  13. frankie

    Server Population & Rewards!

    hopefully wont be too long for that goal to be reached :D Ign: Solo osrs
  14. frankie

    Solo osrs (frankie) staff application

    thanks @Beer @Onions @ryanheinz for the support and comments :)

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