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  1. External Use


    I support this guy.
  2. External Use

    Bevis Man

    Hey Bevis Man! Welcome to the forums. :D
  3. External Use

    My intro

    Welcome to the forums dude :D
  4. External Use

    Zulrah times.

    TIL @Beer talks to himself ;) Good job dude!
  5. External Use


    Hey man! Welcome to Draynor.
  6. External Use

    howdy i'm rory

    Hey Rory, welcome to the forums!
  7. External Use

    All done

    Greatest of All Time :p
  8. External Use

    External Use Forum Moderator

    Username: External Use Date joined: January 26 Time zone: EST Average hours played per day: 4+ Do you have skype: Yes Have you broken any rules? If so, please explain: No What have you done within the community to prove that you are a good candidate: Since I have joined I have been on the forums posting here and there only when I have something real to say. I have been helping out with things here and there and try my best to help out anyone that needs it. I have been playing runescape for about 10 years now and have knowledge of many things. I always try to keep a positive attitude and be nice to everyone. I have had experience with many other private servers and have been staff for a few of them ranging from Forum Mod to Co-Owner. Anything else you would like to tell us: My time in-game has been fun. I am currently fully comped on my ironman, my dedication for the server is real. I am a quiet person but I will keep the forums in order Thanks for reading my application.
  9. External Use

    PvP System & Shop

    Some items that could go into the shop, let me know what you guys think. Not really sure on the cost of things, help me out. I'll update with price suggestions and if I think of any other items. Crystal Key Golden Key Clue Scroll Mystery Box Berserker Ring (i) Seers' Ring (i) Archers' Ring (i) Warriors' Ring (i) Dragon Defender Dragon defender ornament kit () Mage's Book 500x Dark Crab 100x Super combat potion(4) Dragon scimitar ornament kit () Armadyl godsword ornament kit () Bandos godsword ornament kit () Saradomin godsword ornament kit () Zamorak godsword ornament kit () Torture ornament kit () Occult ornament kit ()
  10. External Use

    All done

    Possbily max exp, but probably not. Dunno what I will do.
  11. External Use

    All done

    Started end of January, so just about 2 months.
  12. External Use

    All done

    Fully maxed and prestiged :D
  13. External Use


    Good luck man! Hope you do great on os!
  14. External Use

    Barrows REVAMP!?

    Barrows isn't worth much, value doesn't matter to irons. The only barrows people use are Dh, Karil's, and Ahrim's, most of it can be obtained from keys pretty easily anyways, I didn't have to barrows and i have full Ahrim's, Karil's and Dh, got rid of the others. This won't change much, I support.

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