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  1. Kaneki

    Buying Elder Wand

    SS, Acb and 200m, hmu in game ;Kaneki
  2. Kaneki

    Shadow Sword, Gold Hammer,

    bump for update
  3. Gold hammer is 20 tickets or w/e price valve 20 tickets are at the time, and shadow sword is 1.1b pm me in game; Kaneki
  4. took way to long but finally Max on HC

    1. Cjtigger



  5. Kaneki

    Chrome Drop Log

    sick droplog keep it up!
  6. Kaneki

    Dharok Pking Event

    can you list the gear we can use? I get dharok but boots,rings,necks,whips,dscims would be nice
  7. this makes me wonder how I got 3 onyxs in 6 ckeys
  8. Kaneki


    suggested this atleast 4 times in the past 6 months and Krabs already told me personally that it's in the list that he wants to add into the game.
  9. Kaneki

    Cyrex/Trevor's Staff Application

    full support, seen him grow as a person and can say he'd make a as a great staff member. +1
  10. Kaneki


    luv em
  11. I'm sorry you don't see what I said but none the less thank you for a negative response!
  12. Zulrah is completely fine in my opinion if you need help here ya go! This'll help you min max the amount of supplies you use, I rarely use any! Rangers is a weird one because no one does clues for the most part to be honest and if they do its hards so i'm not sure if the ranger drop rate is really that insane or people just rarely do the med clues but if it is the same as third age maybe lowering it a little would be cool.
  13. Kaneki

    Server Updates 1/1/18 - 1/30/18

    dope updates, love that you're still working on smaller things while pushing out content
  14. Kaneki

    Boss Slayer Exp Rates (Complete!)

    thanks for this it'll help people for sure!
  15. Kaneki

    My RNG is out of hand

    what a GOD

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