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  1. white

    Hey all It's Error!

    welcome to the server hope i can meet you in game for raids or something when i got the time
  2. white

    Time to go

    later fam been having some issues aswell which is why im not on much atm either
  3. white


    welcome to the forums hope u like the server been pretty nice over the last 5ish months
  4. white

    Some sick raids luck

    gz m8 i was lookin at the loops like damn im jealous before i noticed the pet
  5. when you at work browsing the forums and your boss recognizes the name draynor and thought the forums was only for the players who play runescape in draynor only 

    1. ryanheinz


      ha! What a community that would be...

    2. white


      if that happened a ton of willow logs inc 

  6. white

    My Re-introduction

    As many of you players know i am white i started many months ago but wasnt able to play alot due to work now im back on more active than ever and im glad to see all the new people and new staff feels good to be back even tho its only been like 3 weeks since my return
  7. white

    Post your PC Specs

    well since ive started this server back in january ive ran through 5 pcs and 2 laptops i buy/sell/build pcs for people always doing it Pc 1 i5 4690 16 gigs of ram gtx 770 pc 2 amd fx 8350 8 gigs of ram r9 270x pc 3 i7 2600k 16 gigs of ram gtx 980 pc 4 i5 2500k 8 gigs of ram gtx 760 pc 5 intel core2quad q6600 8 gigs of ram radeon hd 7970 laptop 1 hp pavilion amd a4 apu 8 gigs of ram Laptop 2 (currently using) asus rog laptop i7 4700hq 16 gigs of ram gtx 765m i use the same 2 external hard drives for the storage and each had ssd's in them
  8. white

    This is me, and you?

    will u mail me some syrup plz askin for a friend
  9. white

    Lucky few

    i need to get one of these items to validate my being
  10. white

    Bevis Man

    welcome to the server if you ever need anything or a partner for bossing or raids just hit me up in the cc and ill be otw
  11. white

    Vrimv comeback

    welcome back fam also getting back into draynor been very busy with work and life to play hopefully i can finish this project and can go back to playing
  12. white

    Barrows REVAMP!?

    i support this heavily
  13. white

    Oldschool introductions

    hi oldschool im white im the oppsite of you i prefer to listen to things like what my sig suggests and i prefer to pvm over skilling ! welcome and i hope to see you grind out those skills in the future

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