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  1. Trevor

    Finally done.

    i have to make a HARD pass on that one.
  2. Trevor

    Finally done.

    Thanks for all the support lads, i appreciate it
  3. Trevor

    Finally done.

    Okay, so, along this road to my scuffed, bootleg lookin' comp, i've found the community i love(and the many communities inside of it) Draynor. I have to say, now that im comped ill be looking to help players more, especially with gathering resources considering thats what i did my entire playtime on this server, and this account lol. ive been thinking of posting pvm guides for how i pvm (as an ironman with no donation perks) if people support the idea(on forums or ingame) ill possibly make a guide (in-depth, maybe a video) on how to do every boss in draynor. Anyways, thank you to anyone who has been there with me on my journey. I can proudly say "I made it."
  4. Trevor

    Dwarf Cannon Bufferino

    +1 from me, i dont have one yet, nor did i really intend to; might get one in the future if some buffs are applied to the cannon >:D
  5. Trevor

    Official Event Shield

    I'm all for new content, not to mention content that intrigues new players, and entices older players to get items they dont have. +1
  6. Trevor

    Ring of Wealth Scroll

    As i said, with my account standing as a Comp'd ironman with 0$ donated(-1 achievement ;-;). I +1 this idea.
  7. Trevor

    My Ultimate Zulrah Inv Set up :kappa:

    completed whole task without banking (grabbed cash stack to repair barrows)
  8. Trevor


  9. Trevor

    My Ultimate Zulrah Inv Set up :kappa:

    didnt ask for your input m8
  10. Trevor

    My Ultimate Zulrah Inv Set up :kappa:

    oi lad, us ironmen have it rough with no pegs in stores for us to buy, and i have over 150 kc at supreme with no drops, so succccc my ass
  11. Trevor

    Ring of Wealth Scroll

    I personally wouldve loved this... before i comped and spent all my prestige points on gold keys m8. Having a row (i) would be amazing for the prestige shop, let alone opening up the availability to even obtain one as someone who doesnt donate +1 from me, if i could give a +990908346758923476598345342, i would.
  12. Trevor


  13. Trevor

    My Ultimate Zulrah Inv Set up :kappa:

    no need for switch....
  14. bet u lads werent expecting this
  15. Trevor

    Finally did it lads.

    Finally comped... And, to my knowledge, the only ironman (maybe player in general) to comp without donating.

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