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  1. Range 2


    @Elseve I chose not to attack some people that I knew were getting the Imbued Magic capes because I didn't want to just start killing everyone the instant the new mini-quest came out. I also wanted to stay off of players I did not recognize because I did not want to kill them, and thus discourage them to keep playing the server if they were new. Usually if I PK someone I will give them their items back to make sure they don't just quit. I definitely will go for people in the Wilderness now that are doing the mini-quest since the cape has been out for awhile. I have also had personal experience on past servers I have played that placing things in the wilderness does in fact bring about more PKing. These other servers made it so all the dragons (unless you were a donor) were in the Wilderness. This forced people to kill dragons in the Wild for their dragon bones if they wanted to gain their prayer levels, which greatly increased the wilderness activity (And also gave a prominent market for dragon bones). On a past server that both I and @ryanheinz played on, custom wilderness bosses were made and I had a blast trying to kill them with my friends hoping to get a very good drop, and PKers would frequently come and we would either have to try and fight back or escape. If you're dismissing the idea about adding another boss altogether now, then I think that really is the wrong move, because to me that content made a big difference in past servers which kept me interested and having fun playing the server. (which is also why I killed the Wild Krab, and PKed people killing the Wild Krab many many times when it was released). Another issue with the wilderness in my opinion is the Bounty Hunter system. @Mr Krabs I have meant to send you a message on this, but having this Bounty Hunter system pairing players together as targets also makes it hard for people to PK in the wilderness. If known PK'ers enter the wild and get paired with a target, most of the time the people that get that known PKer as a target will get out of the wilderness as fast as possible because they know that the PKer is out and possibly going to come and try to kill them. I have witnessed this so many times, it's like my cover is blown. I have also had multiple occasions where people will PM me if I get them as a target asking me not to kill them, etc. etc.
  2. Range 2


    Bump. If anything, with the new additions of Demons you need to kill for the Imbued God Capes (which I love by the way, GREAT JOB GUYS!) I was thinking adding Flambéed as a custom boss in Location 2 (55 Wild, west of the Wilderness agility course) with important pking drops that are already in the game (see my drop list table above if we don't go the route of including custom weapons as a drop) would be a great addition to the wilderness!
  3. Range 2

    Server Updates 1/1/18 - 1/30/18

    Awesome content and as always incredible response time to issues and requests. Thank you for an awesome job well done!
  4. Range 2


    Thank you @Sixty I have made the modifications to the stats of "The Darkness" sword to be not as strong as the Shadow Sword (it is also slower, it would hit the same speed as the whip). And @matias the point of this update is give risk to reward, which is why the bosses will be there. While you're out in the wilderness there is much more risk in these areas to try and kill them and that is why the new items I'm proposing would be very good. Killing the Giant Krab is easy and practically safe because you can quickly get to the mage bank level to escape a PKer. People more than likely won't like to risk their gear as much farther from safe spots in the wilderness, and these bosses will be stronger than the Giant Krab as well, I was only hoping to make their attack styles similar, but their damage output will be higher and their health will also be increased. The time it would take to get out there, the amount of kills possible per trip, and less damage due to weaker gear will mean these bosses won't be killed nearly as much. The drop rate hasn't been discussed either, but I would advise Krabs to give them a more difficult drop rate to obtain too.
  5. Range 2


    Also, since there is no available way in the Equipment Interface for me to check the Range Strength of a weapon, these values to determine Max Hit etc. might need to be worked out with @Mr Krabs if he is on board with the idea
  6. Range 2


    @Sixty Thank you for the feedback, I don't know the stats of the Shadow Sword, could you post them here? The plan for the "The Darkness" weapon was to make it somewhere between the stats of a Shadow Sword and a whip. As "The Nightmare", I will edit this in my post, I meant to make it the best in slow crossbow, not better than the Twisted Bow. From what I have found on the Twisted Bow, it give a Range Bonus of +70, however that does not factor in the algorithm that basis max damage off of the magic level, which is what makes the Twisted Bow the best range item. The Armadyl Crossbow gives a Range Bonus of +100, so I could be wrong here, but the +125 Range bonus I believe would allow "The Nightmare" crossbow to hit slightly higher than the Armadyl Crossbow, but still not as strong as the Twisted Bow. If anything this Range Bonus can be lowered to maybe +115 to +120. I really do appreciate the feedback to help tweak things to make it fair and balanced.
  7. Range 2

    Server Updates 11/1/17 - 11/30/17

    Awesome as always. Thank you Krabs
  8. Incredible update. Great work Krabs. Having a blast playing it man!
  9. Range 2

    Fastest Kraken Kill Times

    Since we have a thread dedicated to the fastest Zulrah times, I figured I would start one with pictures of the fastest Kraken times! I got 38 seconds earlier, lets see if anyone can beat it.
  10. Range 2

    Abyssal Monarchs, A Guide

    Awesome guide! Can't wait to see more to come!

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