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  1. doom blitz10

    Untradeable refunds

  2. doom blitz10


    i was a veteran(in war) thats why i got the rank btw, and is autotyping allowed? ez 6m/h hello my fellow human being, how are your days on mother earth?
  3. doom blitz10


    thanks, such a kind community, my frend
  4. doom blitz10


    hi im doom, i recently joined draynor, im 18 and i play league. the server seems fun to me, hope i will stay here for a long time. bai
  5. doom blitz10

    790 Hours Later I Finally Did It

    haha nice boots
  6. doom blitz10

    PvP Armour/weapons

    but what if we made them only useable vs player (pvp), i bet the pvp activity would grow
  7. doom blitz10

    PvP Armour/weapons

    As the title says, let's get PvP armour/weapons into the game, just like osrs, it's cool
  8. doom blitz10

    buying some items

    Hi I am buying: - Clue hunter top - Clue hunter cape - Clue hunter helm - Armadyl plateskirt - Elder wand Msg me on forums if you have one of those for sale. Bai
  9. doom blitz10

    Sum interesting stooof

    yo that chicken is dope tho chicken>tbow
  10. doom blitz10

    Sum interesting stooof

    love you too
  11. doom blitz10

    Sum interesting stooof

    How bout you?
  12. doom blitz10

    (Blessed) Spirit shield

    Slayer shop is kinda getting a lot of attention, i don't want the server to become a 'slayer' server. Just for cash would be good imo.
  13. doom blitz10

    (Blessed) Spirit shield

    Wouldn't it be better if holy elixirs and regular spirit shields would be sold in a shop, like the general store or something. This way, the game would get rid of some cash, and get some more items into the game (spirit shields), which is what we need. I see so many sigils being sold, but not a single full spirit shield. Holy elixirs and spirit shields are not supposed to be so rare. on osrs it costs lke 5m i guess (not sure, maybe it changed). On here it can be like 150m-200m and regular spirit shields like 50m? let me know what you think.
  14. doom blitz10

    Tell me your best places.

    those little green monkeys in monkey madness 2 dungeon, if they existed here edit: nvm, theres not even a task of em on osrs
  15. doom blitz10

    Gold trimmed ags

    Ye but those are not worth it at all. Can't even see a difference.

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