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  1. Santoro


    Sorry @Mr Krabs, unjail me? ;)
  2. Tatts! Lets see what you got, heres some of mine!
  3. Santoro

    Deathscythe face reveal + Booty pic

    Hello Everyone :)
  4. Santoro

    All done

    @TheMac the GOAT?
  5. Santoro

    All done

    Very well done, @TheMac I had 110 prestiges on santoro before I got banker :p Sorry to burst that bubble.
  6. Santoro


    Id like to say thank you to everyone for making this game enjoyable enough for me to achieve what I have during my time here, but alas it comes to an end today as I'm re-starting a journey on osrs, see if I can reach the same heights their! Goodbye everyone :)
  7. Santoro

    Get more developers

    Agreed 100%, this server has a lot of potential and I know raids will bring in a lot more players but it could be even more than that, definitely need more people to code updates and bug fixes, take some pressure off krabs.
  8. Santoro

    [CABBAGE] Global Staff Application

    Cabbage shouldn't get this because he bans draynors number 1# man for no reason ;)
  9. Santoro

    Weapon Game Achieve

    @Beer was going to edit and say no achieve should rely on other people participation so both should actually be removed yes
  10. Santoro

    Weapon Game Achieve

    This is more for the people after comp cape, its a good minigame but at the minute the playerbase just isn't big enough to warrant the 'win 15 weapon games' that I think would be near impossible at the minute, the 'win 1 weapon game' would be hard enough, its hard getting any games going nevermind enough games for a chance at you actually winning one. Suggestion - Remove 'win 15 weapon games' and move 'win 1 weapon game' too medium tasks.
  11. Santoro

    I did it ..

  12. Santoro

    Double Exp Tickets

    When these are activated, does the timer still count down while your logged off? or does it stop running out while your logged out?
  13. Santoro

    I did it ..

    yeh, but ill be taking it a lot slower this time, no hard grinding
  14. Santoro

    I did it ..

    not yet I was bored, ill hit tomorrow :P
  15. Santoro

    [CABBAGE] Global Staff Application

    Your enthusiasm for this server and to help anyone and everyone is visible to anyone, everyone knows it and so does krabs I have no doubt krabs will grant you this position and if he doesn't ill book him in at his local mental institute. 1+

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