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  1. No Torva

    GIM Event/Accomplishments

    I maxed as well
  2. No Torva

    GIM Event/Accomplishments

    I am maxed combat
  3. No Torva

    Group Ironman raids

    Simple. I think Group IronMen should only be allowed to raid with THEIR RESPECTED TEAM. This way we can't leech for gear. We can't leech for supplies.
  4. No Torva

    Platinum Resource

    Make it 1k per unnote or to note things. It's easy to make money on here so why not take some gp out?
  5. No Torva

    Longer Slayer Tasks

    Boss slayer task.
  6. No Torva

    dz fishing spot Qol and fishing spot Qol

    It basically goes from worst thing you can fish to best thing you can fish. Or can be easily identified if you played RuneScape whatsoever. Just my opinion. Don't need a small QoL update like this when there are bigger things that need to be fixed first.
  7. No Torva

    Forum staff application

    Your Forums account says February 7th?! April 2017??
  8. No Torva

    Staff app

    I would deny you solely on the fact that you didn't give back gear when someone lost it. Instead of giving it back, you insta sold it and came your pants because you made bank in couple mins.
  9. Haven't added me on osrs? fuckbait. Username: Surge Spells don't be a dick
  10. No Torva

    Hunt for all Pets

    I've had so many accounts on Draynor and all my pets on different accounts. I'm going to comp My Karbs today so I'll be doing the remainder of the pets on there.
  11. No Torva

    Emblem selector

    Tough titties dammit.
  12. No Torva

    SploogeBob road to 200ms

    update: 200m prayer achieved
  13. No Torva

    Hunt for all Pets

    Once I comp on My Karbs, then I will be pet hunting again. I have all of these guy scattered on all of my accounts haha. Not all on one account.
  14. No Torva

    Hunt for all Pets

    Would you guys like screenshots of the drops as well? or just pets?
  15. No Torva

    Hunt for all Pets

    This was before they got nerfed, now it takes forever!

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