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  1. Tatskaaa

    Unholy Book introduction

    Welcome to the forums mate. Hope you enjoy your stay
  2. Tatskaaa

    WoE introduction

    Welcome to forums Hope you enjoy the game.
  3. Tatskaaa

    just a few ideas.

    +1 from me to all these. Especially to plat zone. Kinda weak bonuses atm for 500$ :P
  4. Tatskaaa


  5. Tatskaaa

    Helper Application

    +1 from me just because you're a pleb
  6. Tatskaaa


    What sort of pvp event would you guys like? PvP won the poll now just decide what kind of pvp it will be
  7. Tatskaaa


    I'm thinking about hosting some events in close future like pvp or mass pvm or raids but im asking you guys what you want. So please vote
  8. Tatskaaa


    Yes please +1
  9. Tatskaaa

    Asylum // Server Support

    helpfull and active player +1 from me gl with app.
  10. Tatskaaa

    Fix Raids Droprates

    Way to overpowered and would kill all raids items prices. No support
  11. Tatskaaa

    Pet goals.

  12. Tatskaaa

    ''cheat ironmen'' explained

    Is this fr for real.
  13. Tatskaaa

    Tw0 Staff Application

    Full support from me. Gl with app
  14. Tatskaaa

    Sleds' ReApplication

    v much support since you know da way
  15. Tatskaaa

    ONE Year Veteran status

    +1 Pls gimme this status

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