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  1. Tatskaaa


    support from me goodluck mate
  2. Tatskaaa

    187/Asy ; Staff Application

    +1 from me gl bb
  3. Tatskaaa

    This or that?

    COD ftw. The simpsons or family guy
  4. Tatskaaa

    Server Updates 8/1/19 - 8/31/19

    Really awesome work you guys Absolute legends
  5. Tatskaaa


  6. Tatskaaa

    arrow shafts

    Adding the ability to fletch arrow shafts from better logs for faster arrows would be cool. Or maybe adding them to store
  7. Tatskaaa


    Well guess who's back in the game
  8. Tatskaaa

    Upgraded Ghrazi Rapier

    This would be dope +1
  9. Tatskaaa

    a few ideas

    Hardcore ironman+cant donate as one.
  10. still waiting for my zookeeper
  11. Tatskaaa

    Do you want 200m?

    Eoc incoming
  12. Tatskaaa

    Bloodhound || Clue Pet

    then no ty. 500m is nothing for wasting weeks for killing double agents
  13. Tatskaaa

    Bloodhound || Clue Pet

    But what if i've done over 1k clues already and probs would've got one Do i need to do another 1k+
  14. Tatskaaa

    PvM/PvP The Untamed

    I would join but im to awesome to team up

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