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  1. Beer

    Furiousjays introduction

    Hope you enjoy your time with us mate
  2. Beer

    Crafting expansion.

    Seems kind of pointless mate If you're an Iron I suggest rouges den safe cracking to obtain gems for crafting you can find my guide here
  3. Beer


    lmao looks cool
  4. Beer

    WoE introduction

    welcome :P
  5. Beer

    Changes That COULD be made

    Trivia store does need a buff lol
  6. Beer

    Day to Day #4 Come check it out!

    you and cj's bromance<3333333333333333333333
  7. Are you rolling in the deep?

  8. Beer

    Just to (attempt to) prove Cj wrong

    99 slayer on a hardcore is impressive best of luck on max and future goals
  9. Beer

    Karambwans spot for ironman

    great suggestion
  10. Beer

    Its been a while

    Welcome back brother
  11. Beer


    @Mr Krabs Awesome brother! Locked
  12. Beer


    so this gon be a thing?
  13. Beer


    Please can the minions at GWD drop bandos/armadyl armour and zamorakian spear.
  14. Beer

    Support Application by EZI

    Great application, could do with more staff in game. +1

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