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  1. Ohh the Draynor days, I've missed you lads.


    Congratulations @Mr Krabs on the upcoming first year of Draynor and all the dedicated players and staff that have helped to make that happen. 






    1. Mr Krabs

      Mr Krabs

      Thank you Spy, good to see you on here again :smile:

    2. Beer


      Hey Jord:happy:

  2. Thanks Draynor, as soon as I decide to play again I've been hacked

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Spydaeyes


      Im positive my account details were right, is there some way to check my previous password changes?

      @Mr Krabs 

      Thank you for the warm welcome back!

      Weird, definitely my account otherwise.

    3. Mr Krabs

      Mr Krabs

      What's wrong with your account? I logged on it and it had all those items I listed above, was there more or something? I didn't see anything in the logs either really when I took a quick look.

    4. Mr Krabs

      Mr Krabs

      Your password has been the same since you joined in December as well

  3. Great video dude! Your voice really does nail it!
  4. Spydaeyes


    Oh hell nawh, that's gotta be some form of animal abuse
  5. Spydaeyes

    ~Snickers~ Road to max!

    Can't believe how quickly you managed to pull this off! Beyond dedicated Snickers! Gonna love to watch you get max XP now
  6. Spydaeyes

    Updates 2/15/17 - 3/8/17

    No wonder I didn't land a jad pet after doing the achievement Otherwise awesome update man! I'll be sure to try jad several more times genius idea adding imps to dzone! Looking forward to some more updates!
  7. Spydaeyes

    Increasing forum use

    I like the idea man, what gets me is that I'm not sure how post count can convert into an in game prize without Krabs manually giving out the rewards! Otherwise I support this and any idea to promote the forums!
  8. Spydaeyes

    Weekly events

    Considering x2 exp is already a weekly event maybe we could have a double loot event? I understand that's out of your restrictions beer but I think it would get majority of players on the PvM buzz!
  9. Spydaeyes

    Dialogue announcement

    Thanks for bumping this lads! Would create such a dynamic atmosphere on Draynor if more server dialogue was added!
  10. Spydaeyes

    three word game

    Their was once A knight named what zit tooya who traveled to Draynor on a flying tiger shark wearing nothing but @Sephiroth's stolen mankini. This knight was
  11. Spydaeyes

    Pest control.

    Well thing is boys, we all know that Pest Control has been down for some time now... I fully support Tats idea because pest control is rarely only used to obtain void and mystery boxes. Yes, the number one priority is to fix PC, but with that being said wouldn't we want more shop options as its current state?
  12. Spydaeyes

    Fastest Zulrah Times?

    Shifted to media to prevent confusion with the previous Zulrah time thread! -Moved
  13. Spydaeyes

    ''IronMan'' Crafting guide

    Cool guide dude, looks so tasteful
  14. Spydaeyes

    Off-Topic Media-

    Haha! Can't wait for this movie Cab! Looks great! On such a big scale too! Well on Draynor, to make a living I obtain benk But irl I work at a green mussel factory Pays the donations though haha!
  15. When you buy a PS4 but cant play it because you still need to buy a TV... FML

    1. Beer


      Oo let me know what your PSN is and i'll swing you an add

    2. Spydaeyes


      Oooh nice man! Will do when I get it all set up!

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