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    Road to all pets :)

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    welcome to draynor
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    7th Ward's Introduction

    hello nd welcome
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    Oh my holy cow

    hey pink very nice bro
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    Longer Slayer Tasks

    very nice idea
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    Finally done.

    now do it on hardcore mode
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    Wild Krab - New location

    i dont see much difference, thats 10 steps away from a teleport obelisk, its fine where it is currently, the place you included is also multi no thank you
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    QOL Updates

    clearly if we strive to be like OSRS as @Mr Krabs wants it, then i don't understand why the perks aren't already added to diary1-2-3-4 armor. we are missing key parts of OSRS, such as achivement diarys. Verac set should have a very good effect on venenatis (so u dont just tbow him all day) Diary 1-2-3-4 armor pieces should each have their different effects, just like OSRS. and achivements? they are a joke. heres just a few of what i think we should have. 500-1000-1500-2000 agility laps complete catch 5k-10k-20k imps kill 5k chins plant 10k seeds clean 10k herbs make 10-20k potions list goes on and on we can of course still have the ordinary 68 achivements or w/e it is for comp cape, then once you're done with that there will be a new list of achivements expert/extreme that could give a reason to actually keep grinding. achivements atm on this server is not hard at all, theres no dedication towards anything which is one of the key parts ppl are quitting like its nothing, i quit in january 2017 (roughly 1 month and half after server release) because i had everything and i had no reason to keep going, i returned after a long break and got 110 prestiges on my hc account, now im struggling to see what i can do, but why would i go the insane goal of 200m in everything when there is no reason to keep grinding.
  10. matias

    QOL Updates

  11. matias

    Server Updates 7/1/18 - 7/31/18

    melee was OP on vorkath but after the nerf it really sucks, can you buff melee again? @Mr Krabs
  12. The trident of the swamp (e) (also called the toxic trident) is an enhanced staffthat requires 75 Magic to wield. It is an enhanced version of the regular trident of the swamp obtained by giving Lieve McCracken 10 kraken tentacles, costing 9,581,760. It holds 20,000 charges, rather than the 2,500 charges of the unenchanted version. It is tradeable only when uncharged. The fang can be removed from the trident only when it is uncharged. The built-in spell cannot be used against players outside of the Castle Wars and TzHaar Fight Pit minigames, as well as the Clan Wars minigame if the clan leaders enable it. The trident cannot be used to autocast any other combat spells. Similarly, the trident of the swamp and seas both do not reward a base experience for each cast. Instead, players are rewarded experience for each point of damage dealt. The experience gained is 2 experience points per damage dealt. The enhanced trident can hold up 20,000 charges when fully charged. Charging the staff requires 1 death rune, 1 chaos rune, 5 fire runes and 1 Zulrah's scalesper cast, costing 10,860,000 coins to fully charge it, and 570 per cast. Trident charges can be removed at anytime to recover the runes and scales. The toxic trident has increased bonuses, provided it is charged with Zulrah's scales. In addition, players using combat spells when wielding the trident have a 25% chance of inflicting venom on their opponent. In addition, the trident of the swamp has increased base damage by 3, meaning it has 3 higher max damage than the regular trident of the seas. This would put the max hit of the swamp trident at 34 with the occult necklace, 35 with an occult and a boosted magic level, and 41 with the aforementioned equipment/boosts as well as a tormented bracelet and an imbued slayer helmet on a task. The maximum hit can be increased even further by using an imbued heart instead of magic potions resulting in a max hit of 44. If a player dies with the trident, any scales that were used to charge it will appear on the floor along with the uncharged trident (only if it's not protected on death). copied from old school runescape wiki tl;dr 10 kraken tents is given to a npc to be able to charge ur trident of the swamp 20k charges instead of 2,5k
  13. matias

    New donator rank

    as for platinum perk i think there should be a very small chance you land a double rare loot for example you're killing abyss demons you land a rare drop (whip) then there is 5%-10% you will get x2 abyssal whips?

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