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  1. Snickers

    7th Ward's Introduction

    Welcome to forums and server, hope you enjoy your stay can always approach me for help
  2. Snickers

    ~Snickers~ 200m Slayer drop log/pet log

    Updates: Updated Abyssal Monarch log Added Wild Krab to log- got pet also
  3. Snickers


    I would personally love construction skill but yeah adding whole skill can be time consuming
  4. Snickers

    Server Updates 9/1/18 - 9/30/18

    Very nice to see updates again, wish i had my 500+mboxes to open now tho ...
  5. Snickers

    JP Morgan's Quest for all Items and Drops

    Rename abyssal demon pet under monarchs/nexus to abyssal orphan Add abyssal demon to list with drops containing abyssal demon pet Abyssal head Abyssal whip And good luck!
  6. Snickers

    buying some items

    Offer on top
  7. Snickers

    ~Snickers~ 200m Slayer drop log/pet log

    Updates: Updated Skotizo log-achieved pet Added Demonic Gorillas to this list-already had pet Added TzTok-Jad into list because it works like boss pets log too
  8. Snickers

    ~Snickers~ 200m Slayer drop log/pet log

    Updates: Updated Dagannoth Rex - achieved pet moved back to skotizo to get that one
  9. Snickers

    Win geepeez

  10. Snickers

    Huge Rewards!

    Also what concerns me is that you can make forum account sooner yes, but ingame account must be created exactly on the date this event would start, so everyone have equal chance to stack up dxp tickets otherwise id just start stacking them right now and have unfair advantage.
  11. Snickers

    Huge Rewards!

    Id rather normal ironman too also id suggest 10$ max donor for accounts orherwise id just transfer lege donor for banker and have unfair advantage to ones without banker.
  12. Snickers

    Mystery box? More like Misery Box aaaayyyyy!!!!!

    I agree with that buff used to have zulrah totem also zenytes and stuff like that, made my first billion selling them.
  13. Snickers

    About time.

    Now get max total lvl again!
  14. Snickers

    About time.

    Wow very nice gratz man
  15. Snickers

    Oh my holy cow

    Ill just go myself and get one in 100 kills very nice luck man

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