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  1. Snickers

    Jane Doe's application ❤️

    Gratz bro, taking over my usual timezone, and ofcourse you had my support fellow estonian.
  2. Snickers


    I see that admin luck kicked in. Gratz mate.
  3. Snickers

    Vorkath Is Now Officially Released!

    Very nice looking forward to work on vorkath pet after my agility grind is over and i can move back to slayer grind
  4. Snickers

    // Buying // Selling

    Done deal bro
  5. Snickers

    // Buying // Selling

    Dragon hunter crossbow give good deal on it
  6. Snickers

    Server Updates 7/1/18 - 7/31/18

    Very nice looking forward to master vorkath strategy
  7. Snickers

    Aeon's shop ∫ 15 items for sale

    How much for zulrah scale ea?
  8. Snickers

    "Make all" Smithing.

    Its because krabs doesnt want all skills to be afkable and i know fletching is super afk thats why random chicken got added.
  9. Snickers

    "Make all" Smithing.

    This has been talked numerous times before. Reason this isnt added is to not make smithing too afk. The option "make 10" seemed good enough for me (made 350k+ addy dart tips)
  10. Snickers

    Agility QoL

    Why @Unholy book just why hahaha like my life isnt hard enough lol
  11. Snickers

    Agility QoL

    Simple, make marks of grace from ardougne rooftop go into inventory like wilderness/gnome/barbarian course instead of what it is now-dropped on ground after completition. random(wild) marks of graces are cool when they appear on ground.
  12. Snickers

    New trivia questions

    Very nice list hoping to see those implemented @Mr Krabs
  13. Snickers

    Trimmed Completionist Cape (V2)

    Id say inferno pet should be listed there excluded from boss pets that you have mentioned.
  14. Snickers

    Boss Kill Log QOL suggestion

    Thats very nice idea would make it alot better to see and keep track on stuff
  15. Snickers

    Trimmed Completionist Cape (V2)

    I know such a person and its me, 200m p5 farming and no pet. Otherwise yeah id love that trimmed comp cape would be very cool thing to have on hardcore game mode.

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