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  1. Snickers

    Brat's Staff Application

    This was a very nice read everything you say here is true, as much as i have seen. You have my support man, and as i can see you have support from alot of other players.
  2. Snickers

    Mud’s Intro

    Welcome to draynor and on forums! If you need any help let me know ingame, discord or forums
  3. Snickers

    Hunter Guide =)

    No need for box traps just fly net and impling jars from skilling store to catch implings, or kill chins when u have big enough level @Harvester
  4. Snickers

    ~Snickers~ Road To All Pets.

    Updates: Received Chaos Elemental jr. from Chaos Fanatic
  5. Snickers

    ~Snickers~ 200m Slayer drop log/pet log

    Updates: Added Chaos Elemental - Pet achieved Added Chaos fanatic - Pet achieved Added Venenatis - postponed due not getting pet in 2k kc
  6. Snickers

    Buying 100$ bond

    Title says it all. Pm me ingame or let me know here or on discord
  7. Any idea when you can start on those titles again @Mr Krabs ?
  8. Snickers

    Snickers Road To 4.4B Xp

    Updates: Reached 200m Slayer xp Updated Slayer skill Updated full topic Reached 4.4B xp (200m every skill)
  9. Snickers

    ~Snickers~ Road To All Pets.

    Updates: Recieved Black cat pet from hween event Recieved Hellcat pet from hween event Working on wilderness bosses
  10. Snickers

    Server Updates 10/1/18 - 10/31/18

    Time to put slayer aside for abit and get those outfits/cats
  11. Snickers

    Row (I) & Coins

    Just a simple suggestion, make row i and maybe regular row pick up coins automatically so no coins go to waste would be helpful for beginners too when they make regular row for themselves.
  12. Snickers


    Welcome to Draynor and to forums! Whenever you need help and see me online ask away.
  13. Snickers

    stuff for sale!

    Im trying to liquidate those, merchers might see this as good pos too

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