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  1. Dad

    just a few ideas.

    heres a few ideas i have to maybe spice the server up a little: wintertodt. to break up the monotony of fm, possible drops: seeds, pyro set, pheonix, fm tomes. revenant caves, to bring back a more active pking community. possible drops: tier 1-10 emblems xp drops on locked exp for pking, it helps alot to see exp drops so u get an idea of what your hits are so you know when u have KO potential. bring back gwd armor uniques to the minions drop table castle wars minigame, add skilling supplies to the ticket area along with the halo set, castle wars cloaks etc. plat donor zone, im sure many of us with plat can agree the perks seem very weak compared to the 200$ perks. these are all i can think of for now, will edit when i think of more.
  2. Dad


    M A K E G W D G R E A T A G A I N
  3. Dad

    Support Application by EZI

    gotta be a +1 from me lots of charisma on this guy, consistently online, definitely brings the lads together for raiding content. best of luck to you friend, and very solid app i must say.
  4. Dad

    add to forum ranks

    id like plat donor added to my forum ranks ty.
  5. i found this purely by word of mouth from a friend, the server wasnt running yet but you had the forums up.
  6. Dad

    ONE Year Veteran status

  7. Sorry for the absence guys, we recently found out my dad has been diagnosed with cancer. Im trying to keep it together for everyone in my family but im not gonna lie, i dont know how much longer i can keep the facade up.

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    2. Elseve


      That's horrible news :( <3 feel free to talk to any of us on Skype my friend.

    3. Brave


      Thats terrible! Really sorry to hear that, hope everything works out fine. We are here for you if you need anything. Real-life is 100% more important, especially when something like that happens. 

    4. Zach W

      Zach W

      Sorry to hear man, best of luck to your family.  I've lost loved ones to cancer and it is never fun...

  8. Dad

    Server Updates 11/1/17 - 11/30/17

    better start rcing @Tatskaaa
  9. Zach W

    Miss you bro! Get back soon

  10. Dad


    add me lad, rsn: displeased
  11. things aren't going so well at casa de papa. i'll be around very little for the next week till i get moved in to my new place. ill have stable net and all that jazz once i get moved in though, so hang tight my children.

  12. Dad

    Cj wanna explain this?

    lets take a moment to appreciate that elite player spoke up just to call you gay. the man of very few words.
  13. Dad

    Cj wanna explain this?

    they're all animals
  14. Back home to have my net fully crap out on me, not sure when ill have it up and running. net providers kinda screwing me over, But i will be back as soon as i can. Y'all be good while im away.

    1. Cjtigger


      dang man that sucks :(, no promises on being good though >:D

    2. Tatskaaa


      If ur bad boy then santa don't bring you gifts on christmas. 

  15. Dad

    Xp counter

    plsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplspls also pls.

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