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    i am willing to join any team
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    Manipulation's Completionist Journey

    Prestige 1-5 Crafting This took around 8 hours to complete I'm not really sure how rare this is but, I happen to receive three mystery boxes in one inventory of gems. The loot was disappointing, to say the least I think Mystery Boxes should be buffed. Now I will explain the method used to get here I did cow hides to level 20 from there I did sapphires to level 43 from there I did Diamonds from 43-99, using frank to create a present with gems saves a good amount of time, and I would urge everyone to try Frank (The most underrated NPC) I did this one DXP Weekend, the total cost was 56,822,823 (I got the cash by selling vote tickets), and the total profit was an outstanding 86,360,000, So Around 30M in Profit. (Buff M-Boxes pL0x)
  3. Manipulation

    Manipulation's Completionist Journey

    Thanks Coins, and don't worry, I intend to do that.
  4. This is my journey to becoming a completionist, feel free to follow along The first 99 I got was agility, as graceful is cool, and most importantly being able to run an extended period of time, this will help a bunch in the long run. Agility is pretty easy, at first you use the gnome course to get from level 1-52, and from there you use the wilderness agility course, which is a lot faster to get to 99. While doing this, I acquired full graceful at around 96 agility and keep in mind I used double XP tickets to speed things up, I voted and just bought them, it was that simple and it only took 3 to get to 99 agility. From here on out I will get around 92 Runecrafting, for the cash and then do prestige 5 Crafting, While Doing this I will be saving my votes, and getting a generous amount of cash, as cutting gems is a recommended money maker for newer players, and on top of all these amazing benefits its very AFK. Stay Tuned

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