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  1. bthy5

    Row (I) & Coins

    I have coded the following and presented to Krab's I don't see why this wont occur next update. Thank you for the suggestion.
  2. bthy5

    Bthy5's Developer Application

    Absolutely I can do the following.
  3. bthy5

    Bthy5's Developer Application

    Thank you for your support coins!!
  4. bthy5

    Bthy5's Developer Application

    Username: Bthy5 Time zone: EST How active are you talking on our Discord channels (doesn't have to be voice chat)? I am currently in multiple discords, i casually read through, but if im mentioned in something im always quick to respond(As i keep the application installed on my mobile as well). Also i dont mind being on a mic as well if needed! Realistically, how many hours a day can we expect you to play on the weekdays, and the weekends? Weekends: at least 3-4 hours, i will stay logged. Weekdays: this may be sporadic as I work Mon-Fri usually until 5 in the afternoon, but i would say at least 1-2 hours. Are there any reasons why you might not be able to reach normal playtime, and how often would that occur? There should be no issues, occasionally a vacation or family event will come up though(Like any ordinary family has). What have you done as a player to really stand out from the crowd? I try to answer any questions that i am capable of and participate in events on the server. How are you supporting the growth of Draynor on a daily basis? I would like to assist from a development perspective, i used to own a private server called billyscape(Corny name IK) from (2008-2014ish). Since 2014 i started working in a techinical field which required me to write code in multiple languages(Java, Python, Powershell, VB, etc). I believe i could assist with some of the leg work in writing code for this server. Can we depend on you to be active daily and contributing to Draynor's growth as well as supporting its players? Absolutely! Can we depend on you to be just as active and helpful down the road just as you were when you are promoted? Absolutely, i will not just keep an administrative account but also an account to build upon and enjoy playing the game. Is there anything else you would like to tell us when considering your application? At this moment in time no, if you have any questions or would like to further comment on my application please let me know!
  5. Thank you for the support on this post I appreciate ya!
  6. Heres a couple things I think would be amazing to add to increase the use of Player Shops and make them more viable for use. 1. Introduce new players to the Person Shops(preferably before any of the other introductions.) 2. Move the Personal Shop Npc inside Draynor Bank and/or add a option to the bank booths to access your shop and view others. 3. Allow the collect option from the bank booths to collect as the npc does. 4. Possibly fix where you have to deposit your coins before you can collect(Possibly just send to bank and if bank is full than to inventory) If anyone has any other suggestions in regards to this please comment as well!

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