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    My name is Mike, I like long walks on the beach and romantic candle lit dinners.

    My man crush Monday is Brat.
    My thirsty Thursday is Brat 4 Lyfe.
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  1. Nice post! I believe players are introduced to the shops while doing the 'tutorial', but I may be wrong. I think a new location for the shop would be helpful and easy to do. I'm all for the collect option if it's possible. The whole point of depositing the coins is to stop people from glitching their coins I believe, so I'm not sure that would be a huge issue especially if the collect coins from bank booth is added in from your suggestion. Overall though, great ideas my man!
  2. Mikeh

    Mr Mob Man

    Welp, I owe you 10k.
  3. Mikeh

    Mikeh's Introduction

    What's up folks? It's ya boy Mikeh. Some of you already know me because I'm a complete tool who doesn't shut up at all in-game, but for those who don't know me my name is Mike. I started about 2 weeks ago and have pretty much played non-stop while I'm home, which caused my roommates to give me an intervention. ( But screw them, Draynor is life. ) I'm a Canadian, so there's that. I work two jobs, I'm a cook, and a bouncer. So I'll make you a delicious supper, then choke your ass out. I've played RuneScape since I was a wee little one, so.. Since 2004. ( I still know absolutely nothing about the game though ) I enjoy cigarettes and coffee, especially together. I like long walks on the beach and romantic candle lit dinners. I was once published in a book of poems at the age of 12, which is completely irrelevant but it's the truth. I like to drink and smoke, so I don't think I've ever played the server sober. I'm still waiting on my father to come home. ( He went to buy a pack of smokes like 17 years ago... But he'll be back soon. ) I wear fitted caps so often that I normally wake up with them on, and I think it may be a problem and cause me to go bald, but that's a problem for future Mike. I've watched How I Met Your Mother at least 30 times. My best friend in-game is Brat, or Bratley. But he hates the nicknames I give him. I don't know how to post in the forums that well, because my train of tho... I'm not vegan, figured I'd tell you that. I hate the snow, even though I'm Canadian and snow is practically a lifestyle here. ...ught sometimes, which causes people to be confused. But yeah, I don't know what all to post, so I figured I'd just ramble. I'll definitely see you in-game though! Love you guys.
  4. Mikeh

    Brat's Staff Application

    Bratley is indeed a very helpful player. That's why he is bae. I hope you get the position my good sir, you've definitrly earned it. ❤
  5. Hey, remember that time that you got PKed for 1b? Just kidding, you're an excellent dude. I look forward to Scaping with ya.

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