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  1. JP Morgan

    Veteran Rank

    Username: JP MorganDate joined: September 7th 2018 I would like the veteran rank to be the primary rank on my forums account and my donator rank to be secondary please
  2. JP Morgan

    Rank Update

    Could i get the Legendary donor rank and hardcore rank when you get a chance? Thanks
  3. JP Morgan

    1 life HCIM

    I like the idea and challenge. What would you call it since Hardcore IM is already taken?
  4. JP Morgan

    Iron Cody's Staff Application

    +1 if ur more active on forums Need more forum whores
  5. JP Morgan

    Server Updates 11/1/18 - 11/30/18

    Good work Mr Krabs. Thanks!
  6. JP Morgan

    Brats Introduction (as if it was needed)

    Welcome Brat! Already have gotten to know you a bit and you seem like a really nice guy. Looking forward to chatting in game more often
  7. JP Morgan

    Theracecats server support app

    Pretty weak application, no explanations for anything just short answers. Only 2 posts on forums as well. Maybe be more active before applying. Anyways, best of luck!
  8. JP Morgan

    buying $50 Bond - 5b

    Buying a $50 bond for items and cash totaling to 5b PM me on discord or forums
  9. JP Morgan

    QQ for Helper? =D

    Good luck QQ! Always have a great time chatting with you while in-game and know you would make a good member of the team
  10. JP Morgan

    Favorite Movies

    I haven’t seen The Departed and I believe it’s on Netflix so that’ll be next on the list. Gonna get through all of them eventually. Thanks!
  11. JP Morgan

    Quest for all Items and Drops

    This is where I will keep track of my journey to get all boss drops and items in Draynor! I expect this quest to take quite some time so please keep checking in to see my progress! When I get the actual drop, the items colored in the "Donated For" category will then turn green. (Thank you @Horizon , @Sixty, and @Elseve for the template) Enjoy Last Updated: 9/5/18 Boss Drops OBTAINED DONATED FOR (or obtained by other means) NOT OBTAINED Zamorak: Staff of the Dead Zamorakian Spear Zamorak Hilt Kril'Tutsaroth Pet Armadyl: Armadyl Chainskirt Armadyl Chestplate Armadyl Helmet Armadyl Hilt Kree'Arra Pet Bandos: Bandos Chestplate Bandos Tassets Bandos Boots Bandos Hilt Graardor Pet Saradomin: Saradomin sword Armadyl Crossbow Saradomin Hilt Zilyana Pet King Black Dragon: Draconic Visage Dragon Pickaxe KBD Pet KBD Head DKS: Seers Ring Archers Ring Berserker Ring Warrior Ring Dragon Axe Prime Pet Supreme Pet Rex Pet Wilderness Bosses: Odium Ward Malediction Ward Treaseanous Ring Tyrannical Ring Ring of the Gods Chaos Elemental Pet Vet'ion Pet Callisto Pet Scorpia Pet Venenatis Pet Demonic Gorillas: Zenyte Shard Unstrung Heavy Ballista Monkey Tail Harambe Pet Abyssal Nexus: Bludgeon Axon Bludgeon Claw Bludgeon Spine Abyssal Dagger Abyssal Orphan Pet Abyssal Demon: Abyssal Head Abyssal Whip Abyssal Demon Pet Kalphite Queen: Kalphite Queen Princess Kalphite Head Dragon chainbody Skotizo: Arclight Dark Claw Skotizo Pet Cerberus: Primordial Crystal Pegasian Crystal Eternal Crystal Hellpuppy Zulrah: Magic Fang Tanzanite Fang Serpentine Visage Uncut Onyx Tanzanite Mutagen Magma Mutagen Snakeling Pet Thermonuclear Smoke Devil: Occult Necklace Smoke Devil Pet Kraken: Kraken Tentacle Trident of the Seas Kraken Pet Lizardman Shaman: Dragon Warhammer Corporeal Beast: Elysian Sigil Arcane Sigil Spectral Sigil Spirit Shield Holy Elixir Core Pet Raids: Twisted Buckler Rigour Scroll Augury Scroll Kodai Wand Dinh's Bulwark Twisted Bow Ancestral Hat Ancestral Top Ancestral Bottoms Dragon Claws Elder Maul Misc and Skilling: Imbued Heart Clue Hunter Outfit Prospector Outfit Angler Outfit Lumberjack Outfit Magic Secateurs Golden Hammer Gloves of Silence Cooking Gauntlets White Graceful Cannon
  12. JP Morgan

    Favorite Movies

    Howdy Draynor, I am on the search for some good movies to watch and wanted your opinion on good movies you guys have seen recently. Post below My favorite: Talladega Nights
  13. JP Morgan

    Buying Skilling XP Boost Items

    This topic can be closed. thanks
  14. JP Morgan

    Sum interesting stooof

    I'll empty my bank if you empty yours Nice collection you got there
  15. JP Morgan

    Win geepeez

    Congrats mate!

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