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  1. Captain

    GIM Event/Accomplishments

    uhhh so theres no one on the list for the second person to get 5 pets. can i claim the spot sense its open? XD
  2. Captain

    GIM Event/Accomplishments

    Can i throw this out there that i hit 99 smithing first claiming my seat for that one!
  3. Captain

    Irl jobs?

    I'm curious to see what everyone does in real life. I know theres some people in school and others that work. But lets see if everyone would explain what they do I'm currently serving in the United States Marine Corps. I've been active duty for 3 years now and its some good shit. I work in the Logistics field and deploy units to training/combat. I haven't been to combat myself yet but hopefully they'll let me. I'm probably going to make a career out of this so I'm hoping for another 20+ years in the Marines. So what do ya'll do?
  4. I think this is awesome! i agree on the cooking being switched to Gordon Ramsay lmao. so ill vote on that
  5. Captain


    Welcome to the party zone! You've seen me around and we've talked already. But still, welcome to the forums now! Hmu for someone to talk to because I'm good at that. And I'm good at trolling people so you might see that too lol
  6. Captain

    Competition Time!

    so did anyone win this yet? lol just checking because its a week after the dead line
  7. Captain

    187 // Road to 4400000K xp

    Good luck man! Can't wait to see drops and all the stuff you get from skilling. It's gonna be bank!
  8. Captain

    I'm the Captain now.

    well hopefully yall have seen me around in-game by now. But I'm Captain. I've been playing for a couple weeks now :p Ironman lifestyle because why need others? uhh In real life I'm a US Marine. Been enlisted for a couple years now, and no I'm not actually a Captain. so hit me up in-game if you need me. I don't post much on forums but ill definitely be reading everything. Gl boys
  9. Captain

    Irl jobs?

    yall got some pretty cool jobs! @Jordan I'll hit you up whenever i need a hotel thats fun as fuck hahaha
  10. Captain

    I'm the Captain now.

    Its kinda like a normal job. I work from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. The rest of the time i have off lol. those are normal days. deployments and other exercises are different and can't play
  11. Captain

    Ring of Wealth Scroll

    I give this a +1, same as the other reasons of the non-donator able to get it or ironmen. Here i am saving up for the Imbue Scroll thinking im going to use it on my RoW and i guess i can't now lol. Oh well.
  12. Captain


    I support the first two pots, although i never liked overloads. That's just a personal thing though lol.
  13. Captain

    Yo yo yo

    Welcome to the forums! Seen you in game plenty of times so im not welcoming you there again lol
  14. Captain

    Unholy Suggestions

    My bad i was thinking something else in my head when i typed that out. I was thinking the normal capes we got now but a gold trim? Coding wouldn't be too hard and honestly the files could be found somewhere for them if its not worth putting in all the time to make our own. It would stand out enough to show the achievement of 200m xp. or even the main color switched to gold? or even the firecape graphics lol. I'm thinking too far into this lol.
  15. Captain

    What keeps you playing?

    The community is great, I agree with everyone else on that haha. But honestly, I like the ironman that i am. I like seeing my own accomplishments knowing theres 0 help from other people (items wise). Its a better feeling getting your own drops and watching yourself build a bank rather than just buying from someone else. There's no pride in that to me lol.
  16. Captain

    Unholy Suggestions

    What if the 200m capes are the (t) capes? Knock out two birds with one stone lol. I agree with both ideas so far. Probably 2-3 seconds for the Jad waves spawn. Just so its not too rushed.
  17. Captain

    Raid Pets

    I like it! i Want a mini croco-bitch thing haha. i fully support.
  18. Captain

    Huge Rewards!

    I like the Idea! Maybe hide and seek? I suggest adding in more mid to high level gear like bandos or arma, not just the top tier stuff. When we hit 75 I feel like it would be good to give a spread to alot of people rather than heavy wealth to a few.
  19. Captain

    Competition Time!

    It's still not working lol. This shits hard. how do i get the background not to be white and take the link off of it?
  20. Captain

    Competition Time!

    Well i think i did it right. Idk. I'm not good with forums and pictures and things. lemme know what yall think
  21. Captain

    Competition Time!

    Alright someone teach me how to put up pictures. I got my bank kinda set, just don't know how to get it on here
  22. Captain

    good day

    Welcome to the server! around here we (mostly I) like to lick windows, drink glue and eat crayons! Hope you enjoy your stay! Oh, and if you see any crayons laying around... don't touch them, they're mine...... Good Luck
  23. Captain

    Competition Time!

    I'll be getting involved shortly! I just saw this so i need to get working on the organization. It won't look the best because i don't have shit as an ironman. But ill go for what i can!
  24. Captain

    Cool kids RECRUITING

    wish i had a mullet like Joe Dirt but i am currently rocking a low fade due to military hair standards maybe in a couple of years ill have my mullet.
  25. Captain

    Cool kids RECRUITING

    IGN: Captain Are you cool?: does a bear shit in the woods? Anyone vouch for you? Only three of the best; Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, and George W. Bush. But others include and not limited to; Dale Earnhardt, George Strait, Alan Jackson and Bocephus himself. Any questions please feel free to contact me. Thanks

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