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  1. Iron QQ

    This isn’t a love song, this is goodbye

    farewell dog
  2. Iron QQ

    Iron Cody's Staff Application

    Gotta flex that comped ironman
  3. Iron QQ

    Penance Queen Guide

  4. Iron QQ

    Last Teleport Option

    Hes asking for a teleport that takes you last teleported location. It would be pretty cool if there was no interface and it was just one of the teleports in the spellbook
  5. Iron QQ

    Server Updates 11/1/18 - 11/30/18

    How does the rapier scale with the shadow sword? Is shadow sword now useless lol
  6. Iron QQ

    NEED HELP (as ironman)

    I dont play as much as I want to these days, gotten into some other games and ofcourse its been hunting season so that takes up a lot of time. Feel free to message me anytime I log in!
  7. Iron QQ

    Brats Introduction (as if it was needed)

    Who are you? JK lol
  8. Iron QQ

    Aidan Previous Signatures

    I'm in a bit of a hiatus from the server atm, but i always love seeing other graphic designers work! keep it up man. add me or pm me on forums if you wana talk or need help!
  9. Iron QQ

    790 Hours Later I Finally Did It

    Welcome to the club man! Gratz!
  10. Iron QQ

    Other ways to earn

    uhm, you can solo or duo raid and you get x2 tokens. definetly worth doing. I dont support this idea.
  11. Iron QQ

    Ability to make cannon balls

    Id be down with it, if Krabs did what you mentioned earlier. If you make cannonballs, they take the same amount of time as osrs. How I came to the conclusion that it could hurt the game is that as an ironman ive had over 1b cash with nothing to do with it. Items like the cannonball at 4k each creates a pretty good sink of cash for the server. People think cash sinks should be giant cash values but having lots of small cash sinks such as cannonballs or making unf potions included with the larger cash sinks such as the Well.
  12. Iron QQ

    Ability to make cannon balls

    So because we fucked it up before, we should continue fucking it up. great logic bud.
  13. Iron QQ

    Ability to make cannon balls

    Im against this, I actually think cannonball prices need an increase. Cannonballs are currently a great gp sink for the game so making it so we can smith our own could hurt the eco a bit. I know im about to spend a shit ton on cballs for 200m hunter -.-
  14. Iron QQ

    Rock Golem || Mining Pet

    I love this idea! Also having to work for each color like MagicMike said would be awesome!
  15. Iron QQ

    Do you want 200m?

    saw this thread, forgot about it. made the suggestions on my own accord not remembering this thread was a thing. then later was reminded of this thread when it was bumped.

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