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  1. Unholy book

    Gold trimmed ags

    I've seen servers that have the normal ags with the option to put ORN on that AGS. but then they will have a separate, stronger, AGS that is completely golden. I'd like to see that rather than the AGS you show in the image. still support though!
  2. Unholy book

    Gold trimmed ags

    Theres already god sword ornaments on the server
  3. Unholy book

    dz fishing spot Qol and fishing spot Qol

    Mr crabs explained to me that before an update, the areas were actually in the sea. But due to some changes to how the land is, it put them on the beach instead. I do like your solution to put a raw fish on top of the corresponding crates! Seems like an easy solution but also you get pretty use to the layout after being there for a few levels
  4. Unholy book

    You all know me =]

    Who are yew? JK, welcome bud! I'm Qq in game
  5. Unholy book

    Boss Slayer

    Well one, Im ironman so I solo literally everything. Duo slayer is cool for people that enjoy having friends do simple pvm with them but seems so un-needed in my eyes. Plus, duo pvm is super inefficient exp wise typically so I see that as a huge reason not to do it myself.
  6. Unholy book

    Boss Slayer

    Im against this, personally I'm also against duo slayer but nothing I can do about that.
  7. Unholy book

    Forum Avatar

    isn't it from that game where you play like Gods finger?
  8. Unholy book


    Welcome JP! Love the signature! I play on my ironman "qq" so feel free to add me if you want someone to talk to!
  9. Unholy book

    Achievement Boss

    I'm dumb lol.
  10. Unholy book

    Achievement Boss

    Go kill the Crab outside of the mage bank. he drops all the achievement gear
  11. Unholy book

    Dragonbone necklace

    I thought it did have a good use? Doesn't it give prayer back when a bone is buried?
  12. Unholy book

    wall safes

    with gloves of silence it is almost no chance of getting hit and even without gloves I only use 1 shark an inventory at most. Id support there being a wall safe location at the new DZ spot but not this.
  13. Unholy book


    + add someplace to keep our pets other than our bank. Bank space is so valuable on this server.
  14. Unholy book

    Ornament kits

    Add to hard clues, not the voting shop =(
  15. Unholy book


    This gave me one of those reverse erections 0.o You got balls man, good luck!

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