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  1. Hi all!, Welcome to my "Troll the trolls" Moneymaking Method. Most of you know the following situation; for hours and hours you have been grinding mining, farming or combat. You did manage to collect a high amount of ores, herbs or any other resource. You, the poor noob that you are, decides to sell your rare resources for a decent price at the Player Owned Shop. And then it happens... One of those few rich people on the server pass by your Player Owned Shop and start buying your resources. So far so good, until,... ..you see the rich player making fun of you by buying every resource 1 by 1. Slowly spamming your message box full of selling messages which are only low amounts of cash. From now on this humiliating behaviour from the rich players will turn into your best Moneymaking Method! When you see a rich player buying your items in high volume, but only 1 by 1, you will be ready to change the price of the item to any price you want! Their repeatedly clicking will not make them realise immidiatelly that they are buying your resources for over millions per piece! Below an example, good luck to you all!
  2. MagicMike

    New BIS for melee?

    I would let it keep the defence stats, it can be used for bosses like Corp, etc. If we go tweak stats for a better offensive armour set, I would use another armour set for that, like Samurai.
  3. MagicMike

    Mr Mob Man

    Welcome on Draynor Just saying this for post count
  4. MagicMike

    Mikeh's Introduction

    Although you are not as Magic as me, still a warm welcome to the game and forums. Few times I have been online last days, I did always see you being there too. So you are right about being very active. Enjoy!
  5. MagicMike

    Mud’s Intro

    Where Magic meets Mike, I was born from the hollow trees in the middle street of the pool. Since I can't swim, I had to eat my cheese in order to survive the flowers. Falling down the cave, I nearly missed the buss on my way to the blanket. Lucky all was fine and I am here to welcome you to the forums, hi! :)
  6. MagicMike

    Rank MagicMike

    Username: MagicMike Date joined: April 27, 2018 Rank applying for: Veteran (primary) and Ultimate Donor (secondary) In-game screenshot of rank if applicable:
  7. MagicMike

    Brats Introduction (as if it was needed)

    Still a welcome this way. Can't thank you enough for selling donor and you are a very active and kind person! Keep on going.
  8. MagicMike

    Aleksey (theracecat)

    Welcome to the club. Haven't seen you a lot yet, but would like to get to know you better. Cool you like cars and are proud on your own! Maybe we can have a chat about it one day
  9. MagicMike


    Welcome to Draynor. Enjoy your time here
  10. MagicMike

    790 Hours Later I Finally Did It

    Very nice!! Congratulations! Just a question. @Mr Krabs I thought completionist was also having all achievements done?
  11. MagicMike

    Buying 100$ bond

    Buying 100$ bond. Can offer 4.5b cash AND shadow sword (OR elder wand after having the donor points). PM me on forums (If you want 5.5b cash only, PM me too. I could sell shadow sword)
  12. MagicMike

    Fight caves (Waiting time)

    Hi all, My suggestion is to remove the waiting time between the waves at fight cave minigame. (Or get the option to remove them when starting the fight caves) We need to do the fight caves 25 times to unlock all achievements. The waiting time between waves should be removed because; The waiting time takes just as long as finishing a wave. Removing it will speed up fight caves Waves are very easy and all melee pray, so we don't need time to prepare It is veryyyy frustrating...
  13. MagicMike

    Farming patch - Wilderness Resource

    Good bump. I do support this idea
  14. MagicMike

    Do you want 200m?

    I asked my local painter to make a portrait of me holding the sign. Hope you're happy with the result.
  15. MagicMike

    Do you want 200m?

    Does this offer count for me too? @Mr Krabs Implement cannon balls please for 200m

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