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  1. EZI


    Damn u need some balls to make that decision. Goodluck on the grind:)
  2. Like if pleb

    1. EZI


      Ezi just liked this

  3. EZI

    Ring of Wealth Scroll

    +1 It does need multiple spots to be obtained , to be specific ;for ironman non donation accounts .
  4. EZI

    What keeps you playing?

    i the community , i draynor . aaaaaand i no gambling
  5. Good luck on the grind my man!:)
  6. EZI


    these are from osrs m7+1
  7. EZI


    +1 on this one for sure
  8. EZI

    Cool kids RECRUITING

    Thanks Lad<3 why didn't u speak out your crush on me, we could've been a couple already i did let down #GodSquad but #CoolKids is untill death #CoolKidEzi #CoolKids #CK
  9. EZI

    Cool kids RECRUITING

    IGN: EZI Are you cool?: What is this for question ? heck yeah, skipped my vegetables once! Anyone vouch for you?: My freezer can vouch, he is as cool as me. sdiK looC#
  10. EZI

    Competition Time!

  11. EZI

    Official Event Shield

    If its easy to add for Mr.Krabs i don't see why not, if its too much effort i'd rather see updates that goes into the quality or content of draynor since this really is more a cosmetic thing. EZI.
  12. EZI

    Rank upgrade

    its perfect like this, thanks cj!
  13. EZI

    Rank upgrade

    Hey if anyone has time could they update my rank? Thanks!
  14. EZI

    Evil chicken

    +1 Fashionscape is a must
  15. EZI

    Top voter of the month.

    Ty mr krabs<3

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