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    Best RNG on Draynor BTW
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  1. hooligan

    Crack the Clue!

    so its in canafis, items idk
  2. hooligan

    1 life HCIM

    I'd love to have a go at this, my one issue with ironmen is it seems you can use the donator shop for atleast a shadow sword, puts me off playing ironman atm tbh.
  3. hooligan

    Buying Stuff Pm My Cute Ass in-Game

    Got ranger boots for sale, hopefully see you ingame soon! Got pegasian crystal aswell just cant put together.
  4. hooligan

    Forum Event!

    Good incentive, I do like the forums however I'm not really on my PC alot anymore but i'll try and be as active as possible.
  5. hooligan


    Definitely support this.
  6. hooligan

    Server Updates 6/1/18 - 6/31/18

    Good updates mate, looking forward to vorkath!
  7. hooligan

    Highest Zammy Trip KC?

    Can go to an infinite amount with ::bank ::Recharge
  8. hooligan

    WoE introduction

    Welcome to the forums buddy Hope to see you ingame also!
  9. hooligan

    PVP armours

    I believe they are just higher than the the T70's such as bandos/armadyl. Heres some info from the runescape 3 wiki, however I have a feeling the pre-rs3 stats were different in that bandos/armadyl had higher defence while gear such as vesta/statius/morrigans had higher strength at the disadvantage of less defence.
  10. hooligan

    Ultimate donator

    Username: Hooligan Rank applying for: Ultimate Donator Would you like it to be a primary or secondary rank? Primary please In-game screenshot of rank if applicable:
  11. hooligan

    PVP armours

    Sorry if this has already been suggested, tried finding a thread for it but was unable to. Adding the vesta/statius/zuriels/morrigans to the game would be cool, another set of medium-high tier gear that players can gain, either this obtainable through the classical rev caves, or maybe a wildy wyrm that would increase activity within the wilderness, or maybe a new boss that has the chance of dropping these items, I feel like this would add a tier of items above barrows armour for players to gain and use, instead of going straight up to things such as bandos/armadyl, I believe they should degrade to dust/coins on death unless protected. Let me know what you think and add suggestions in the comments.
  12. hooligan


    +1 Should of been a thing from the start.
  13. hooligan

    Helm of Raedwald

  14. hooligan

    Support Application by EZI

    Very active and very knowledgeable. +1
  15. hooligan

    Helm of Raedwald

    Buying the helm of raedwald, can offer cash or items, let me know and we can discuss :)

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