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  1. Cloud

    False Alarm

    Topic closed.
  2. Cloud

    Group Ironman, Extra Bank Space, and More!

    And off we go into the land of new adventures.
  3. Cloud

    Draynor Price Guide

    (Items added in) Item name: Ghrazi rapier new price: 300-400m date changed: 5/29/2019 Item name: Avernic defender new price: 300-400m date changed: 5/29/2019 Item name: Ancient wyvern shield new price: 150-200m date changed: 5/30/2019 Item name: Wyvern visage new price: 150-200m date changed: 5/30/1019 Item name: Granite longsword new price: 5-10m date changed: 5/29/2019 Item name: Granite boots new price: 5-10m date changed: 5/29/2019 @Everyone the price guide now has all of the new items added to it as some of the prices are n/a cause i've never seen them sold, us the staff team need your help to figure out what the prices are so please just reply to this thread or message me, @Cjtigger or @Coins (UPDATE): Thanks to the communities help figured out the prices of those n/a items. Sincerely, Cloud
  4. Stay awesome & stay positive everyone.

  5. Cloud

    Karlmasters Staff Application

    Due to inactivity application has been denied.
  6. Cloud

    Avian's Server Support App

    Due to inactivity application has been declined.
  7. Cloud

    Loot From Cerberus

    I mean atleast it looks pretty right? "Looks at the kill count" ('_>') that's nasty.
  8. Cloud

    Universal in game chat messages.

    It's not in game for announcing maxing and obtaining p5 is every single skill no, i haven't ever seen it announced and my norm was a completionist and my iron just got max.
  9. When A player obtains 99 in all skills im suggesting it announce it in the universal chat, why? "flexscape" Of course When A player obtains p5 in all skills it should also announce it. Nice and simple quality of life thanks for reading. Sincerely, Cloud.
  10. Cloud

    Draynor Price Guide

    (ATTENTION) This price guide is to be regulated and updated properly by each staff member as it is A big part of helping the community of draynor to not be completely scammed and ripped off as such for now on we need to make sure to properly log each and every update and visit we've with price changes and that also counts if you add any items to the guide. If you've any questions regarding this please private message me on here or discord. Sincerely, Cloud.
  11. Cloud

    Iron Cody's Staff Application

    Draynor needs active in game staff members not ones focused on the forums unless it's for player assistance and or punishments, (sharing and receiving information to fit draynors needs) Don't worry about flexing forums credit Cody you're more then capable of being A player-support as long as you stay helpful and active in game you've been around long enough to follow the rulebook. This is solely based on my opinion and observations so far regarding you as A player in game in comparison to your applications substance and my break down of it.
  12. Cloud

    Server Updates 11/1/18 - 11/30/18

    Thanks for the new bosses they've been very enjoyable so far.
  13. Cloud

    Iron Cody's Staff Application

    You're A very easygoing friendly person I give this A +1 from me as well.
  14. Cloud

    Dessourt Guide

    It slices and dices right through dessourt for some reason, and iron cody told me that's the sweet spot to stand in and after observing others a lot use that spot.
  15. Cloud

    Dessourt Guide

    Dessourt is A (WILDERNESS BOSS) who uses all three of the combat styles, melee, magic and, ranged and can hit up to 28 with each different attack style you will be protecting from range attacks me and Iron cody found he hits more with range and melee then anything else you'll still take magic damage of course, with this method you'll get around 8-13 kills A trip depending on your rng on hit damage. With this method I am providing you in this guide you will need to use these 's (Protect from missiles) (Eagle eye) & (Steel skin) The food you decide to use is up to you but for this guide you'll want full health points eat A anglerfish to max your total hp and have this inventory setup. The items you choose to risk is up to you, these range setups were used by Iron Cody and we found them to be efficient without having to risk anything huge. Yeah that's right me and Cody figured out the heavy ballista is efficient at this particular boss dessourt, and you don't even gotta worry about thought's like oh no what if I get tricked into losing it but if you don't have one blowpipe works aswell if you're feeling risky biscuity! "Nerd Snorts" ('_>')/ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Alternate Magic Method: With this method you'll want A void based magic setup and the magic level and runes for the spell in the ancient spellbook blood-blitz, inventory and setup is what I used below pray the same prayers minus steel skin make sure to have blood blitz on auto cast & stand in the same spot as directed in this guide _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dessourts location & how to get there: You can either go into skill teleports in the spellbook click agility and wilderness course and cross over or go to pvp teleports and go to mage arena to bank and head out. (Watch out Mr krabs has his fabled pet wildy crab out by that path, or if you've A kandarin headgear 4 it will directly teleport you to dessourt. Iron Cody defeating Dessourt and provided me where to stand for you guys. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Official drops of Dessourt) Iron Cody for doing the homework necessary to make this guide, helping me test different weapons and furthermore making this A enjoyable experience, also For Mr Krabs releasing this new wilderness boss and also I barrowed his map for this guide.

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