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    UIM Inferno

    @Brat Using the Diamond Bolt Heads on the Addy Bolts didn't do anything. I guess it hasn't been coded into the server.

    UIM Inferno

    UIM INFERNO I decided to make an Ultimate Iron Man account. Which means just like in OSRS, NO BANKING! The end goal would be eventually to take on the goal of defeating The Inferno. I just wanted to do it as a little challenge myself, and hadn't really been documenting anything until @Mr Krabs told me it's never too late to start. So I don't have any pictures of the early game stuff which would include: Woodcutting and fletching to make a magic shortbow. Low level slayer to rack up some slayer points for barrows gloves. Risking it all at Wildy Barrows to get magic levels and Ahrims and Karils armors. Mining and smithing arrows and bolts. Etc. But what I do have I managed to document here.... and at this point I realized killing these guys was not as easy as I thought to get seeds for farming. Or that I would spend all this time getting diamonds through thieving only to find out that I can't make diamond bolts (e). And not to mention the whole Runecrafting thing... FINALLY DONE! BUT when it was all said and done, I had a blast preparing for the Inferno, and I decided I would go and do 1 Raid for a chance at a T Bow. Nope. No T bow. OKAY. NOW FOR THE INFERNO! Okay NOW I'M READY Hey look! 99 Magic And now on to the fun waves. LETS DO THIS! Terrible prayer flicking. Should have died. OKAY 98 HP FULL HEALTH WE ARE BACK. Should have died. 99 Hitpoints soon after. 20 Waves to go. Wave 50, is this a milestone? Now we're talking. THE FINAL FIGHT wut Everything turned out okay in the long run. Final Stats: Empty Bank (besides the Mystery Boxes obtained through skilling, Fishing Clue, and well... Tokkul, because you can only drop one at a time haha) This was a fun challenge and I think others should give it a try. Until next time.... Time to make another PKing Account

    Server Updates 11/1/18 - 11/30/18

    Absolutely amazing update. Thank you Krabs!

    Brat's Staff Application

    Brat has been online just about whenever I log on, and I have seen him interacting and helping many of the new players in the community. As he plays the server and continues to be involved, I believe he could help many of the new players starting out and as long as he continues to show interest in a staff position and expanding the server, I think a consideration should be taken into his application.

    Highest Zammy Trip KC?

    Zammy Pet

    Highest Zammy Trip KC?

    106 Zammy KC Anyone want to try and beat this?

    PK Event

    Congratulations on the win @Cjtigger I wish I could have joined. You earned the title and me and @ryanheinz are drunk as shit.

    PK Event

    Also, to anyone else that is a part of this PK Event, I probably will not be able to join because of other things I have that will be going on around 5:30. I'll try to make it if I can, but I doubt I will be able to. If I'm not online, please begin the event without me. Good luck guys.

    PK Event

    Thank you @Zach W for the response. I didn't mean to make my message sound harsh, so I'm sorry if it did. I was just trying to bring up issues that I noticed which I thought should be addressed on what should be allowed in the PK Event. Thank you for the understanding and making the changes. I think this will really make the dynamic of the event a lot more interesting and people will have a more solid interpretation of what type of fighting will be allowed. I hope everyone can adjust to these changes accordingly and make the best of their opportunity, because in my personal opinion, this type of PKing takes the most experience. Also, when you told me about this the other day and I instantly logged out when you came to me at the KBD Lair... I lost internet connection, so my bad for abruptly leaving.

    PK Event

    Before this gets asked: NH = No Honor This means using overhead protection prayers in a fight. Now my question is, what kind of fight are you trying to organize? Not allowing brews doesn’t make sense to me if this is an NH tri-brid style fight or even a hybrid fight at all. If people want to fight they should at least have maxed combat stats (prayer isnt necessary, but at least 70) so then Super Combat potions should also be allowed. Brews should be allowed too in an NH tri-brid fight because it requires skill to use them along with Super Restores and combo-eating, then also knowing when to use your Super Combat potion or a Range potion is a key component in a fight to make sure you don’t use it when you are brewing down your stats. If you wanted to do a normal hybrid fight (melee and mage) without overhead prayers that is fine, but Brews, Super Restores, and Super Combat Potions should be allowed to combo eat along with karambwams. Othewise RNG can easily come on your side and anyone could hit a few lucky high whip hits and kill the person you’re fighting because they simply can’t outeat the damage. You mention the use of bolts, so if you’re trying to have people tri-brid without overhead prayers, then I would just use my melee weapon as often as I can because that would give the most DPS and theoretically make that sort of fight obsolete. Just trying to figure out for sure what type of PK Event you are trying to start since there are many different forms of PKing.

    PK Event

    I’ll join

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