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  1. One Letter

    Zamorak Guide (SOLO)

    Great guide if you're wanting to relax and kill, for anyone who wants the most kills per trip though, wear tank legs, K top, and pray melee swapping to pray mage every time the boss "screams" and you take almost zero damage. Alternatively wear 100% tank armor pray mage and only hit the boss between his attack intervals walking out of melee range and trapping the melee minion behind him. Only damage you should take using these methods is from the range minion if you do interval manipulation or range and mage minions if you're swapping on kril's special attack.
  2. One Letter

    Thought process behind some of these updates / things

    1. The reason I'm complaining about it is because it's a greal QoL update that will almost never be used, it could be 10k per potion and 5x more people would use it causing it to be a greater cash sink. 2. The point is because there is no purpose in it degrading, it's an inconsequential amount of gold leaving the game, and bank space is already a struggle enough as it is. 4. You're already forced to runecraft for higher level runes, and like I said it mostly doesn't matter with anything but waters. I don't see any reason why there couldn't be a standard basic rune store though 5. If I wanted to donate for them, I would. I have zero interest in using custom items because it lowers the integrity of the game and defeats a large part of the purpose of playing in my opinion. I've just seen far too many servers start adding things like this with the thought of "Only a couple" and then just keep adding more and more because of the influx of donations they cause. 6. Haven't seen a single trident being used in all my time playing, maybe you're right and it's fine now. My opinion was based off of using normal spells at places like Kraken and it being vastly inferior to range. 7. The normal row isn't that overpowered, the imbued one is imo. You could swap for kills if you wanted the extra stats but it's effort that I at least don't consider worth it. Don't see why you need boosted droprates anyway, especially when you consider the compounding bonus with donation rank/capes 8. Like I said, maybe I'm just consistently unlucky with it. As for me being a new player as you so kindly pointed out, I've still played long enough to max (Not that it means much), and maybe you should try using some basic math and supply/demand curves before talking back about things like unf potions :) The rest of your post in more or less disagreeing just to disagree with no real reasoning behind it more than "It's because you don't want to buy it" or completely unsupported by anything more than "It's like that in OSRS" Thanks for the feedback though. 1. As I said before, it could be more usable and a better cash sink. 35k each would be a great cash sink if it were commonly used, but at a lower price so many more people would use it, a larger amount of gold would leave the game overall. 2. It does impact people because it's extra slots in the bank. Inconsequential gold sink, major annoyance. 3. Yes, anyone who has the prayer unlocked I'm sure does use it all the time, it's has more of a passive usefulness than an active one though. You save a few doses of potion, compared to rigour/augry that massively impact your dps. Doesn't make sense for them to be the same price, there is a reason the torn scroll is much more common and costs like 100k in oldschool. 4. Making elemental runes doesn't make anything more challenging, you make a shit ton of them at once. It's just a random hassle that doesn't serve any purpose other than spending 10 minutes making water runes if you plan on barraging many barrows tasks. 5. Like I said before, if I wanted them I would buy them. The point I was trying to make is they quickly get out of hand and you have hoards of people smashing through every bit of pvm content in the game with ease flooding the economy with items. 6. Like I told No Torva, I could be wrong on this one as I haven't tested trident myself. But as for the normal spells I have used, they are completely useless and I have never once seen a trident being used anywhere. Not sure where you are referring to as them being the only option. 7. If you want to go through the effort of switching rings, sure I guess they aren't dead content. But honestly why bother swapping at most places? Droprate boosting items are definitely overpowered, especially when they stack with other boosting items. As for you saying that you think ROS is better, in what situation...? You can instant teleport to everywhere in the game, and anyone who has donated a small amount skips over killcount requirements. Why do you need defense stats? Only place I would use ROS is zulrah for the recoil effect. 8. I think you misread. I was saying bp/rune darts as in bp loaded with rune darts vs rcb/rubies as in rcb with ruby bolts. You say "most of the time blowpipe is a pretty solid option" but where is it a better option..? I said it was better for low level monsters, but at every single boss I've been too rcb is far superior, even at Zulrah.
  3. In no particular order: 1. Make unfinished potions: 35k each. I get it, the server needs cashsinks because of the flood of gold that comes into the game because of how much cash is constantly shoveled into the game from random drops with massively inflated shop prices (grapes, snakeskin, coconuts, etc) and things like voting/slayer task rewards/trivia. But at such a high price this is basically a useless feature that only helps a very small portion of the playerbase because most people would rather spend half an hour making potions then spend 35m to have it done automatically. As this is, I don't see any purpose to the update and it will go largely unused. 2. Barrows items degrading: What is the purpose? They last so long most people probably won't have to repair them more than once or twice in the entire time playing on the server, just an annoyance that items don't stack the same anymore unless you degrade all of your pieces. Such a minuscule amount of cash leaving the game does nothing as a cash sink. 3. Torn prayer scroll same price as rigour/augry: Just doesn't make sense, the prayer does basically nothing and should cost like 50 tokens, not really a big deal since the prayer doesn't do much anyway but it's just weird. 4. Why do ironmen not at least have a basic rune shop for elemental runes? You get enough from boss drops to keep you going for the most part but running out of waters and having to go craft more is super annoying. 5. Custom items are bad, especially best in slot op ones that are only available through donating. Maybe that's an unpopular opinions, but I at least have always hated custom trash added to servers. 6. Mage is dead content except elder wand: That's all there is to this story, mage sucks and it's not used anywhere except barraging barrows tasks and blood barraging in inferno. 7. Why does Ring of Wealth need to be so overpowered it makes all other rings entirely pointless and never used? 8. Last on my list is not a popular opinion, and most people disagree with me but blowpipe is absolute garbage. I don't know why, but in every single boss related place I've tested with bp/rune darts rcb/rubies has done better. BP is good for low level trash monsters and that's about it, maybe I just have the most consistent bad luck with it, I don't know. sort of 9: For the love of god please upgrade bank sizes.

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