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  1. Jordan

    Cool kids RECRUITING

    @Tw0 Thank you for outing Cj for being "Hot", after the hour I spent talking to that account trying to find out who it was... lmao I honestly don't think I, or anyone for that matter, could deal with there being 2 of him... @Unholy book 420 blaze it suhhhh dude!!!! #FaZeUP! We do have a strict no heroin policy so as long as you're good with that, I'd like to welcome you to the biggest clan Draynor has ever seen!!!
  2. Jordan

    // Buying // Selling

    Updated. Selling everything (Leaving max melee and armadyl until last)
  3. Jordan

    Competition Time!

    Edit your post and put [*img] link goes here, may need at add .png to the end of link [*/img] (take out *'s)
  4. Jordan

    good day

    Welcome to Draynor, I look forward to seeing you around! I LOVE Raids so I can't wait!!! If you ever need anything, pm me on here, the Draynor Discord or in-game! // Asylum
  5. Jordan

    Cool kids RECRUITING

    I always knew you were a bit backwards I can't hate on the fact you let down #GodSquad as we both did, therefore... As one my all time crushes on Draynor, I welcome to #ck!
  6. Jordan

    Competition Time!

    Disqualification approved.
  7. Jordan

    Competition Time!

    It's nothing about items, it's about organisation! Pots, herbs, armours etc. Doesn't matter if they're attack potions, guams and bronze lol. As long as it's organised and easy to find where things are, people will like it
  8. Jordan

    Competition Time!

    I'm not letting Cj actually win this thing... Can people actually get involved lmao
  9. Jordan

    Forum Event!

    No winners this week smh. I'm disappointed in everyone, especially @Cjtigger
  10. Jordan

    Raid Pets

    Said no one. Ever.
  11. Jordan

    Cool kids RECRUITING

    If we pretend you didn’t admit to having a slammed civic, we can move on and welcome you to #ck
  12. Jordan

    Cool kids RECRUITING

    As Mr Cyrus said, he does want his mullet back! Welcome to the coolest kids of Draynor, Sarge!
  13. Jordan

    Cool kids RECRUITING

    I'm a big fan of the application, very strong! However, you did give me the option to ask any questions, therefore... Can I ask what hairstyle you're sporting please?
  14. Jordan

    Yo yo yo

    Ooooo, I love to be dominated! Welcome to the server, Whatever! Look forward to seeing you around! Ever need any help, feel free to pm me in game! // Asylum // Asy // 187
  15. Jordan

    Costume Party and Boss Pet Event!

    I've got the dentist that day, sorry.

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