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  1. Jordan

    Do you want 200m?

    So it was suggested after this thread was made, good. Have they been added to the game now?
  2. Jordan

    Do you want 200m?

    Didn't get implemented in game. get rekt boi
  3. Jordan

    Do you want 200m?

    Have the suggestions been implemented in game and did you suggest them after I had made this thread?
  4. Jordan

    Bloodhound || Clue Pet

    I'm not paying 500m for all the loots too, you can keep all the items you get don't worry!
  5. Jordan

    Bloodhound || Clue Pet

    Damn right you do, if it gets released I will give 500m to the first person to get it too
  6. Jordan

    Loot Beams

    I think this would be really cool, also having your own unique colour will get of that feeling you get when you think you get a drop in a boss mass and find out it wasn't yours
  7. Jordan

    Bloodhound || Clue Pet

    Can we get the bloodhound added to clues please? A cool pet just for the clue noobs, a fairly high rate like 1/1000 would be decent imo -I'm only suggesting this so Cj can go 7k dry on the pet -That and I also want the pet
  8. Jordan

    Competition Time!

    Congratulations to @Sixty with 6 love reactions, you have won the best bank. Please pm me in game next time we're both on at the same time to claim your $5 and 50m!
  9. Jordan

    Do you want 200m?

    For the next month I will be giving 200m to every suggestion that gets implemented into game Only things I won't include are tiny things like asking for a barely relevant item to be added to a shop or along those lines They can be tiny suggestions but still benefit the server and it's players Please keep this bumped, I want everyone to get easy money and any way of improving the activity of Draynor!
  10. Jordan

    PvM/PvP The Untamed

    CK > TU
  11. Jordan

    7th Ward's Introduction

    Welcome brother! I look forward to seeing your progress. Give me a holla if you need anything IGN/Discord : Asylum
  12. Jordan


    Decent! I look forward to seeing the progress
  13. Jordan


    Nice! I’ve had a look at some of my accounts and overall I’m somewhere between 7-800 in total Keep it up man! What are you going for?
  14. Jordan

    Selling $100

    And dis pls @Cjtigger

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