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  1. Jordan

    1 life HCIM

    Never try and be clever and bring Latin into it... DO NOT search "Latin for Hardcore" on google
  2. Jordan


    Buying the following items; Votes; 5m ea Xmas event boxes; 25m ea Set of ALL 2018 Xmas items; 1b Elder Wand; 1b Avernic Defender; 650m Arcane Prayer Scroll; 500m Dex Prayer Scroll; 500m Addy and Rune Bars; 10k above price guide price Twisted Bow; ??b Pm me in game or on Discord (Asylum Population; 187)
  3. Jordan

    Little Something im working on

    This is really cool, it would be decent if once you saved the drop, it added them all together so you know exactly how many drops of each you've had or will it do that already?
  4. Jordan

    No cannons in event zones

    What the title says. Cannons are way too OP in event zones as they can attack multiple NPCs until you are eventually attacked by one I understand cannons are “hard” to obtain but it’s a case of rich get richer as it only costs 750m (if you don’t vote yourself which case also take off a few hundred mill from that) On my phone and working so can’t really go into as much detail as I can but I just don’t think they should be allowed
  5. Jordan

    Brat's Staff Application

    Best of luck sir, keep being you no matter what
  6. Jordan


    Whalecum to draynor. If you need anything then feel free to ask @Cjtigger
  7. Jordan

    Jane Doe's Road to Twisted Bow 🤣😫🔫

    If you’re after bonds at all, I wouldn’t mind buying all 3 scrolls at once if you get them
  8. Jordan

    Aleksey (theracecat)

    Welcome to the forums sir, I haven’t seen you too much but I look forward to having chats when we’re both on. Best of luck on your gains
  9. Jordan


    Welcome to Draynor, Sir! I look forward to seeing you around and if you ever need anything then feel free to drop me a pm in-game Also if you do need staff and we're not at our pc, you can often use Discord for a faster response as I always have my phone on me -Asylum/187
  10. Jordan

    stuff for sale!

    Some of this is cheap af o.O
  11. Jordan

    187 // Road to 4400000K xp

    I’m currently working on wc and fm but they’re so tedious! Only 4 non combats after this though, not including slayer, so it shouldn’t be too much longer until I can pvm and actually enjoy myself again!
  12. Jordan

    PvP Armour/weapons

    New content? I'm game... If it was slayer related, what I would like to see is the following. A new slayer task that drops them on kill, not completion, also with a very high drop rate (1/4k or something?) It'd be cool if the new slayer task/boss did NOT work on the slayer reset scroll too just so it's not something that you can camp all day
  13. Jordan

    Fight caves (Waiting time)

    I think this has been brought up before, I believe he did say he would take off a few seconds but not make it instant. Whether this was done or not, I'm not sure as I haven't been to the fight caves for a while
  14. Jordan

    Selling junks

    Still selling?
  15. Jordan



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