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  1. Dizzle

    Rev caves

    Ex for supplies. and encourages pk. shall i say more?
  2. Dizzle

    Horizon Helper App

    Super helpful to all and very honest and mature! would defo love to see you as staff!
  3. Dizzle

    Cyrex/Trevor's Staff Application

    Huge help to me and others especially when i first started, cant fault you! would be a good staff addition
  4. Dizzle

    PK Event

    If i had the time I would have written this (although not as well as donnie has) , again this needs to be factored in to be clear :) although they seem the same there is a huge difference in how you would act in a NH vs melee/mage hybrid
  5. Dizzle

    PK Event

    is this NH or not? I am in anyway
  6. Dizzle

    Void rework

    Completely agree with this. There have been the same 2-3 players ragging new players and old with this method. It disgruntles new players and they have no gain from it. They purely do it to disrupt others. Although its funny to watch them fail badly its also very annoying. I think we should have it so it breaks similar to barrows
  7. Dizzle

    Server Updates 1/1/18 - 1/30/18

    I can wear all max capes apart from the original red, is this by design? I prestige mining and smithing and can no longer equip it

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