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  1. To whom it may concern;


    This post will be about what I believe and what other players believe should be added to the server and why we think it would be a great addition...Feel free to critique it below!


    1. Revenants. We would be able to introduce the rev weapons and ammys like the craws' bow and the amulet of averice. The amulet of averice could have a benefit for example anything you loot in the wildy could be noted or something like that. The introduction of revenant's could also give us something else to advertise on all of the rsps websites because now we'll have the weapons to go along with them. It would also give us something else to try to balance out the economy with.


    2. Raids 2. I believe Raids 2 would be a great addition aswell, because it's just something else to bring the community together. Plus new weapons to grind for. That, or you could implement them into raids 1. Either way it'd give us something else to grind for as a server.


    3. Mining stars. Mining stars would also be a great addition to Draynor because you could add some bonuses into the mining store after the star has been destroyed, for example the mining outfit or xp lamps for irons or something along those lines. Plus the xp would be great for people who don't like skilling. 


    4. The Dawn and Dusk bosses. They drop the Guardian boots and it'd be another nice boot selection, plus we could implement other drops in it aswell. 



    Please take a look at this and reply with anything that anyone else might want added and hopefully Mr.Krabz will take the time to read 🙂


    Thank you!


    1. Cjtigger


      Revenants were added!

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