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    Hi I'm pgn, I'm pretty lit af. Hit me up in game if you have any questions or anything like that.
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  1. pgn

    Server Updates 3/1/19 - 3/31/19

    good job devs with this update.
  2. pgn

    Platinum Resource

    I think it should be upped to 100 ea item because it would be a better gp sink.
  3. I really like the xp cape idea.
  4. pgn

    Avian's Server Support App

    Thank you for the feedback!
  5. pgn

    a few ideas

    Would love to see looting bags and a salve amulet introduced to the game.
  6. pgn

    Avian's Server Support App

    You too man!
  7. pgn

    Avian's Server Support App

    Username: Avian Time zone: Eastern Standard Time Hours promised: Monday - 6pm - 11pm Tuesday - 6pm - 11pm Wednesday - 6pm - 11pm Thursday - 6pm - 11pm Friday -6pm - 1am Saturday - All day Sunday - All day Any exceptions to the hours promised, and how often they would occur: These hours are based on my current job, I also might be playing more after work on the week days, I work 4 - 9 so I'll probably jump on after work sometimes. But I'm going to be leaving my job for another which will change my play time hours to an estimated 9pm - 1 am The two staff members that are vouching for you: Birryterrer & Salty Why we should approve your application: I believe I would be a great addition to the team, I try my best to help others in the community by giving them advice, tips and tricks and sometimes items to help boost their experience on our server. I have a few ideas which I think would be a great addition to the server and believe that we can make Draynor the top RSPS in a matter of months if not weeks if we are to do some small changes. Anything else you'd like to tell us: I do apologize for my last staff application, I feel I have matured since then and also take no offense to it. I believe I was too immature to have a position of such rank and believe I have grown since then.
  8. pgn

    Coins Server Support Application

    Get this man Server Support status or else
  9. pgn

    New BIS for melee?

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to see if this would do well... Coins had said post any updates you'd like to see on the server to the forums.. so here goes nothing. I was wondering if it were possible to add Justicar armour into the game? Not the traditional way though, In OSRS it's a tanky type of armour and honestly Draynor doesn't really need a tanky armour. We need a better offensive bonus than defensive, which brings me to my question.. Would it be possible to introduce the armour but have it tweaked to give a better offensive bonus than bandos? Of course the defensive stats would have to be decreased in order for it to not be extremely over-powered. The ways you could introduce the armour to the game is to either A. Introduce it to the Raids drop table... or B. Create a boss that drops it like Krabs did with Flambeed and Dessourt. Please, leave comments below on your thoughts on this? -Avian
  10. pgn

    possible updates?

    To whom it may concern; I'm listing a few things I believe would make a great asset to Draynor, and hopefully bring in some more players! 1. Revs. I believe a rev cave would be great for the server, I have asked a few people in-game and they want to see it too! We would be able to have new weapons like a Craws' bow and maybe even the amulet. The amulet could have a cool perk like any drop in the wilderness is noted or something like that. 2. Raids 2 items. I know Raids 2 would be a lot to create which is why I know it'll not happen, but it'd be cool to implement the items like the scythe or justicar armor and things like that in raids possible rewards. 3. Dawn and Dusk bosses. They drop the guardian boots and would be another armor upgrade plus other drops could be used aswell. I'll be posting more when I have more ideas but for right now I know this is it. I know it's a little much to ask for but just trying to get the conversation started. If you have any questions or comments please, reply below or talk to me in game. -fe pigeon
  11. To whom it may concern;


    This post will be about what I believe and what other players believe should be added to the server and why we think it would be a great addition...Feel free to critique it below!


    1. Revenants. We would be able to introduce the rev weapons and ammys like the craws' bow and the amulet of averice. The amulet of averice could have a benefit for example anything you loot in the wildy could be noted or something like that. The introduction of revenant's could also give us something else to advertise on all of the rsps websites because now we'll have the weapons to go along with them. It would also give us something else to try to balance out the economy with.


    2. Raids 2. I believe Raids 2 would be a great addition aswell, because it's just something else to bring the community together. Plus new weapons to grind for. That, or you could implement them into raids 1. Either way it'd give us something else to grind for as a server.


    3. Mining stars. Mining stars would also be a great addition to Draynor because you could add some bonuses into the mining store after the star has been destroyed, for example the mining outfit or xp lamps for irons or something along those lines. Plus the xp would be great for people who don't like skilling. 


    4. The Dawn and Dusk bosses. They drop the Guardian boots and it'd be another nice boot selection, plus we could implement other drops in it aswell. 



    Please take a look at this and reply with anything that anyone else might want added and hopefully Mr.Krabz will take the time to read 🙂


    Thank you!


    1. Cjtigger


      Revenants were added!

  12. Hello everyone, 


    Just posting because I wanted to say I'm coming back.

    You'll see a lot more activity from me, I quit for awhile and was searching up rsps's to play again and I remembered Draynor and how awesome the community is. 

    I hope to see you guys in-game! 🙂


    -fe pigeon

  13. pgn

    Cool kids RECRUITING

    IGN: fe pigeon Are you cool?: cool? i vape bro. I'm cool. Anyone vouch for you? nah cj is mean.
  14. pgn

    just a few ideas.

    there should be additional perks for each tier of donation. Also, construction would be cool to put our pets in and stuff like that or someone to hold our pets. +1 on all of these.
  15. pgn

    Bank Space and more?

    why not staking? we do risk fights on the server. it's the same thing.

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